TDK 30/Pack 4.7GB DVD+R $9.99 @ Staples

anyone knows what make this is?

DVD+R 8x from TDK are CMC MAG E01; the 16x may be CMC MAG M01, which would not something to buy, as M01s typically don’t perform well, and even a good batch is ‘average’ performance at best. I’d skip them if they were M01s.

I bought some the last time they were on sale. They’re definitely CMC MAG M01 and don’t burn very well. They are pretty, though, if somebody wants to use them for decoration. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont know why people are starting new threads for good deal when the price is not even good deal. We should standardize deal. Since Verbatim and Sony (MIJ spindles can be found) are for $12.99 per spindle of 50 if they go on sale, and if CMC or CMC made discs (except CMC made Verbs) are at the same price then it is not a deal. We should use the sale price of Sony/Verbatim to standardize good deal on other types of media.

30-packs of TDK DVD-R should contain TTH02, much better media than the +R TDK now pushes. They also look good and the included cases provide efficient storage.