Tdk 25 pk for 7.95 at circuit city



Looks like thier are 5 medias they might be now for the +r (they could be moser baer).
Made in India is moser baer MBIPG101R04
Made in Japan is Yuden000t02 (or mislabeled Ricohjpnr02 or maybe they are actually making some in Japan now)
Made in Tiwan is richojpnr02, cmcmage01 or TDK…002
I’ve still never ran across any of the tdk002 but hear they are good.
Last time they had them on sale in 25 packs they had even more new packages including some that had a paper ring over the top where you couldn’t see the disks or the spacers (so I would up getting 50 packs even though tey were a little more). I’m not sure how to tell the mit 25 packs apart any more.


The link on their ad page shows 15 disc pack and the image shows 2X speed.
The actual disc info page shows 25 disc pack and 8X speed.
Does anybody at Circuit City check these things before they post them?


If you look at this page it shows it right
If you click on the link it does go to a page that shows 15 packs for 9.99 (thats kind of weird). I originally saw it in their actual printed add thought so it’s probably just a messup on their web site.
I got these numbers out of the printed add. Go to thier home page and type one in the search box and it will bring up the correct sale.
It looks like it’s good online too and free shipping over 25$ for those of you not near any major stores (and theirfor cannot get usally get the advertised deals). Of course if you order online you take a chance on exactlly what you will get.


Are TDK’s any good as,I see they say they are actually manufactured by CMC ??? Or are they manufactured by several depending on where they’re made??


Meh. Not worth it when you can get 100 actual TY discs for $30 shipped from supermediastore. Just enter the following coupon on the shrinkwrapped ones: tai3doff


Checked all the TDK’s in CC in Wichita, Kansas today, they were all made in Taiwan.


My daughter picked me up a pack today ,without telling me, they were made in Taiwan!! CC in upstate NY. Will return them tomorrow!,order online I guess.


picked up one from CompUSA who did a price match. turned out to be MIT and a CMC-mage01. not sure if they will take it back now… since i opened the shrink wrap.

I don’t think i need them - since i went across to the staples and picked up 2 Sony
50 packs for $20 each - they were MIJ and turned out to be TY02. :wink:


Stopped by Circuit City and the only ones available were -R MIT. Went to Staples and picked up 4 packs of Sony +R MIJ, and scanned as TY02. The -R’s were MIT. Probably will stop by Office Depot today for the 100 pack of Ritek G04’s.


Check the bargain basment. You can get over 200 of those riteks for just over 40$ at office depot (order online for instore pickup and use the coupons). I got 250 dvd’s and 145 jewel cases for 45.36 (3.46 in tax).


Sunday morning, pulled into CC parking lot about an hour after opening - just in time to see a guy pushing a shopping cart filled up with TDK spindles out to his car. Now that aint right. :a I should’ve kept on going as there wasn’t any TDK’s left in the store.


Lol. About a couple weeks ago, when the price was still 7.95, I cleaned out the rest of the -R packs they had, about 11 in total I believe. Its too bad they didnt have any more, else I would have cleaned them out even more. The media code was TTG02, and they burn superbly in my lite-on 1633s


This was more than 11. If it was all media in his cart then it would have been at least 40 -50 spindles to be that full.

S’ok, I got them price matched at CUSA. Not sure if CC had 8x but that’s what I got! :bow: