TDK 25 Pack +&- 8XDVD - $9.99



Best Buy starting Sunday 3/13/05. No rebate!!!


Are the MIJ always TY’s on these?


Avoid the printable, white-top MIT +Rs - they seem to be b-grade CMC MAG E01s; not horrible, but there’s better CMC E01s out there.


Has anyone gotten these yet?

I know there was plenty of threads about this the last time they were on sale so if anyone
gets any can you take a pic of the tub and post where it was made and the media code please?


I still need some advice, I’m stopping to Best Buy today to grab some Fuji’s.

Has anyone gotten any of the TDK +r’s? Are they MIJ? If so are all MIJ TY’s?



If you can find MIJ +R, they should be TY T02s. However, it’s unlikely you’ll find anything but MITs, which in my experience are inferior CMC E01s (meaning, inferior among other CMC E01s!).


Figured such from reading previous threads on the TDK’s but thought I’d better check.


If you’re going to BB, why not buy the Fuji 50pk +R’s? Look for the non-lipped base and made in japan printed on the top of the dvd and you’ll be golden. :slight_smile:


at my BB the tdks are made in tiwan but the fujis are made in japan both + and -'s i got the -'s which are TY02’s


Yeah I am going to grab a few Fujis but will check all the TDK’s just in case :slight_smile: