TDK 24x Media not really needed for 24x speed burner

I just posted the article TDK 24x Media not really needed for 24x speed burner….

Last week we reported about the new TDK writer and 24x speed media. They were offering Certified Plus 24x CD-R discs which u can use for your 24x speed burner. Well itburns used our newssubmit to…

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Thats pretty nuts saying all 16x media will write at 20x or 24x. Are you basing this just on the Fuji media or did you test all the media yourselves? lol… Yes much 16x media can do 20x… but some of the resulting CD’s do not have the best data integrity. You want to risk your data? Not me…

Ok not all, but if they place a label on the CD saying ‘up to 24x write’ u can assume they are well capable of writing 24x speed data on don’t u think…

The interesting thing is the Fuji 24x are identical to the 16x… they come from later batches but are the same. Both the Yamaha and Ricoh 20x will only write to them at 16x with their Optimum Write Speed Control stuff turned on. Yes they do work with it turned off. There are a few types of 16x media that will write at 20x out of the box without turning anything off. I would like to see more… and some that can at 24x.

I have a RICOH 20x and I can’t even write PRINCO 16x certified CDRs at 20x with Justspeed turned off. I do have some other brand certified at 12x that writes at 20x, but I always have to turn off Justspeed, because it reads the ATIP, where manufacturer and rated speed are stored. I doubt that you can burn 16x media at 20x without turning anything off or it has to be that those CDRs are misleading.

I had Kodak Ultima 16x, Imation 16x and Taiyo 20x media be initally detected at 20x on the Ricoh. After it’s writing tests, only the Kodak stuff would write at 20x with JustSpeed left on. Imation 16x and Taiyo 20x were the only media I had that would work at 20x on the Yammie with stuff turned on.

My friends generic 8x discs work fine in my 20x burner.

My opinion is that most of these CD-Rs are just the same, but they modify the ATIP to write at the “certified speed.” That way, they can later release a newer brand that works at a higher “certified speed” for a higher price. The smartasses know how to make money…

Just bought my self a Sanyo BP1500PN, and it writes the cheapes noname medias at 24x, nooo problem what so ever! :slight_smile:

Just ignore the 12x or 8x times recording on the cd. Doesn’t mean shit. They all burn the same. Just a way to charge you more.

I own a TDK 24/10/40 and Yes you can write @ 24X on 16X media… but i noticed it is slower than writing in 16X mode… I think it has to do w/ burnproof (not sure though but thats what is sounds like while it is burning dam buffer goes crazy) …because it doesn’t do this when using 24X CD-R’s (burning the exactly same image) …BTW Rips through CD protections @ full speed w/ perfect copies …(IE Mech4 / safedisk) :slight_smile: