TDK 24X Burner

Heya all

I’m About to buy a new burner, and have a good eye to the TDK 24X…

Does anyone have some exp. wiht this burner…???

Hope 2 get some reply’s :smiley:

C Ya :rolleyes:


Take a look at this review @ CDR-Info… Hope it helps!

The TDK is a good burner…however take a look at the QPS Que!.

I emailed QPS and thet said the drives that have a serial number begining with “W” is a repackaged Plextor drive.

A lot cheaper too

I’ve been running the 24X TDK for about a month now and have no problems at all. All I will say that it does not like cheap CDRs. If you want to use it to it’s full potential use good quality media. It goes without saying that TDK discs work well! I 'm using TDK D-View 16X at the moment without problems. (Writing at 24X) I’ve got some cheapies that I got from Jungle and they only write at 8X

But how does it do with copy protected programs?

The question is…to get a Plex or to get a TDK…

Originally posted by arumi
But how does it do with copy protected programs?
Like I said. Check out the review. It can handle SubChannel Data but SafeDisc 2 is not supported. If you really want to be able to copy this protection get a Plextor.