TDK 24/10/40 drive specifications

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BlackBeard used our newssubmit to tell us that TDK has released the specification of their new Cyclone drive. This drive writes at 24 speed, rewrites at 10 speed, and reads ZCLV at 40 speed. It has a…

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What do they mean whit LOW performance PC’s ??? That can not be true, because writing whit 24 speed ask a LOT of system performance. You must al LEAST have a 7200 rpm harddisk or even maybey a 10.000 rpm !! Whow, they have to make faster disks and olso VERRY fast CDRom-Drives, white writing “on the fly” at 24 speed you must read at 60 speed and in my opinion there are NO readers who can actualy do that… so, now the Writers are up ahead whit the rest of our hardware… that’s funny :7

<snip>What do they mean whit LOW performance PC’s ???<snip> anything under 1.5Ghz maybe?! I guess my 333 doesn’t even rate as ‘low’ :c

Hey guys! A 5400 rpm hard drive can easily keep up with a 24X burner. My IBM 5400 12GB HD can read about 130X according to the “Testing Speed” benchmark in NTI CD-Maker. If each X = 150k, Then 130150 = 19500k, which is 19.5MB/s. A 24X burner writes at 24150 = 3600k which is 3.6MB/s. That is about 1/6th of a 5400 rpm hard-drive’s limit. Even a 3600-rpm hard drive would be able to keep up!

Just curious… How much does it cost in $US for a typical cable internet access a month in the Netherlands?

DanDaMan1487, use the forum for your question…

Nice drive, too bad it uses Zone-CLV… That means 2 gaps on every burned CD, caused by on-purpose activation of the BurnProof Feature.

If you have “low” CPU that is not problem because it have burnproof so what is problem…?