TDK 16x16 Dual Format 4x DL New Firmware 2.C7 Release

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where i can find this fimware??

wo finde ich den tdk firmware?? bitte hilfe

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no problem, can you tell me how can i extraxt the bin from the exe ?


Here is a link to the 2.c7 bin file;79181

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thx for the bin file

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This is amazing! The Pioneer A08 burns allows to be burn @ 12x ! What the hell is wrong with the official firmwares for this unit!? Ritek 03 sold as Ridata or Traxdata are among the best buy and this unit I am sure can write faster!

These versions seem to be the same as the MadDog firmware versions posted in the Madgog 2f8 post

hab die bin. bereits am nachmittag ins technik forum hochgeladen!

Correct, i was comparing them to the TDK 2.77 firmware :wink:

So really this is just a TDK version of the Maddog firmware without bitsetting!

More or less, It won’t allow you to change the booktype for SL media, it seems to lock SL +R media booktype to DVD-ROM

See the quote by Ian@cdrlabs HERE.

I think all of this talk about setting the booktype in advance with the MadDog firmware is nonsense. TDK 2.C7 should automatically set the booktype to DVD-ROM for all DVD+R/+R DL discs.

I think your right, i just flashed back to TDK2.77 and DVD+R booktype was set to DVD+R on a burn with that firmware
Which is strange because this morning i burned a disc with NEC stock 2.16 firmware and it displayed booktype as DVD-ROM, it surprised me, which is why i asked someone else to verify. :confused:

Down to my last 2 +R media and ain’t wasting another one just to find out :stuck_out_tongue: I’m flashing mine back to Maddog 2.F8

No!. Not unless the “whatever” firmware supports bitsetting itself. The bitsetting/booktype settings are stored in a different part of the EEPROM than the firmware itself - so it wont be affected when you flash it with another firmware. However the “another” firmware has to support/offer bitsetting capabilities in order to respect the booktype preferences you stored in the EEPROM. There is a very simple way to test this yourself (though I have already done that)

  1. Install a firmware that supports bitsetting
  2. Set the booktype for DVD+R to DVD-ROM
  3. Install a firmware that does not support bitsetting
  4. Burn a DVD+R media
  5. Check the booktype using DVDInfoPro or similar. You’ll see that the booktype is now DVD+R, not DVD-ROM

The whole idea of setting the default booktype of +R to-ROM - without providing a way of changing this - sucks big time IMOH.

if the new tdk firm has integrated bitsetting for dvd+r, how looks like for dvd+rw?
can someone change the id string to nec?than i can make some tests.

Alright, thanks for the info pdu. Looks like flashing this firmware is quite pointless for people who have the modified Herrie / TDB versions already.

It means that 2.c7 firmware set DVD+R booktype to DVD-ROM default
and can’t change by any tools?