TDK 16x printable from costco



A warning not to buy these. Costco has been selling printable TDK 16x dvd+r for a while now. I bought some to check them out, winds up they are CMCMAGM01. I copied 20 different discs at different speeds the results are all pretty terrible.


Yeah, CMC MAG M01 is known for it’s poor consistency, but that’s horrendous. Are all of the scans like that, or did you post the worst one for us? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh boy - generally what happens when CMC MAG M01 & TDK come together :frowning:


Yeah, there’s been a few posts on these. I bought some TDKs here in the UK which also were CMC MAG M01, but I must say they looked a little better than that. :wink:


I don’t see what the fuss is about, those results are great.


As mentioned above, M01 has some consistency issues, and specifically this product from Costco has been reported several times before as performing particularly bad, though this is worse than I’ve ever seen. Granted I have no idea if the burner used has proper support for the media code and it was scanned at maximum speed, clearly a horrible result though.


Are we looking at the same scan? :confused:
Or is this just an attempt at humour without a smilie?


Costco in Canada is pretty good with returns. I would gather up all the used discs and print out that scan (without the title) and get a refund. Or just throw them away.:slight_smile: Does your drive burn other media OK?


I think you will get better results when written @8X. Later I will post some my scans of TDK +R (TDK 003) from Costco w/ different written speed.


I just picked one out of the trash and scanned it again to get the screenshot. :slight_smile:


Here are my TDK +R 16X inkjet printable from Costco.
They are MIT. The code is TDK 003.
the writing speed for top one is 6X, middle one 8X, bottom one is 12X. The writer is Plextor 760A (1.06).