TDK 16x media: crappy?

I used some TDK 16x DVD-Rs (TTH02, CMC-made) and they turned out to be really crappy: initial burns on my Litey (which seems to hate them) gave me more than 50 PIE average, but the PIF level is acceptable.
While the TRTs were okay after the initial burns (I don’t have the quality scans of the initial burns anymore), they are not okay anymore, after just three months!

Francksoy also reported that TDK 003 (TDK 16x DVD+R) is problematic media, it seems to degrade quite quickly.

Is 16x TDK-coded media the new RITEK G05?

Just to add to that, I’ve been having a heck of a time, as you know, of finding a drive that’ll burn my 16x TDK media (but it’s CMC-coded: CMC MAG. M01).

Thank God for NEC :wink:

I never tried the TDK003, but I’ve wanted to out of curiosity.

I have some Datawrite TTH02s here, I’m curious about those now, as we all know what Datawrite are like…

Edit: wow, look at those PIEs and the TRT!

If even TDK-branded TTH02 have those compatibility and/or stability issues, I really want to see scans from Datawrite TTH02! :slight_smile:

I’ll burn a couple within the hour, one on my Litey, one on my NEC. I’ll burn at 12x, that OK? :slight_smile:

That’s up to you! :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance, [B]Arachne[/B]!

Here ya go my dear…:slight_smile:

First the NEC burn @ “12x”…the NEC didn’t like this disc much!

First pic, Litey scan of NEC burn
Second pic, NEC TRT of NEC burn

Now, the LiteOn 1635S burn @ 12x…much better :iagree:

First pic, Litey scan of Litey burn
Second pic, NEC TRT of Litey burn

Francksoy has reported quite some degradatain cases makes me wonder if his storrage room is as bad as mine.
95 % RH.! (if it’s reporting correctly which I doubt. ???) 22 Degrees C.
Still my TDK003’s are fine. (TDK made in luxembourg)
However only dvd media that screws up were the riteks which were stored at a different place.

My PIONEER 111 using Z-CLV write strategy is the only burner giving decent results on TDK 16X+R white printables. These were purchased over a year ago on COSTCO’s 2 for 1 sale. Ever a glutton for punishment, I bought 200 more this year. They were far worse. Fortunately COSTCO refunded my ill-spent 39.99 plus tax.

Mine were made in Taiwan, so this could be a difference! The Luxembourg ones burn well for me.
[B]steven[/B], actually I was talking about TDK-coded media and not TDK-branded media :wink:

I’m gettin really good results with 16x DVD+R TDK media (Coded TDK-003, Made In India by MBI). Its much better than my results with MBI made MCC 004 and MBI coded 16x discs. But not quite as good as CMC MCC 004 and YudenT03

It really burns great at 16x on a BenQ 1650, im popping out to Asda to buy some more today cause they are only £6.99 for a 25pk (which is very cheap for Asda).

FWIW, I haven’t been much of a fan of TDK branded media past their 4x media. It’s not necessarily BAD media and some of it burns very well, but I think it generally has been given a better reputation than what is warranted for a while now. Some of their own TDK media codes burn only acceptably and their 16x CMC discs, at least the ones from Costco, are giving people a lot of problems even though the same 16x CMC from other brands are not exihibiting these issues. It’s a sad thought to see that a brand with as good of a reputation as TDK would be using a lower grade of media.

Nice one, my own local Asda has 25-cakeboxes which I’ve suspected for some time were MBI.

Ours are £9 odd though, but I might pick some up anyway :slight_smile:

So do these exist after all? This thread suggests TDK003 is made by MBIL only:

The first TDK003 discs were made in Luxembourg. The US packaging still shows the country where the discs were made. I bought a 25-disc spindle a while back, but they’re long gone now since TDK closed that plant.

Begnadigen Sie mich.

Sie müssen nicht so hochgestochen (oder gestelzt) schreiben. I’m neither a policeman nor a soldier or something like that :wink:

Not so long ago I’ve seen Sony 16x DVD+R and DVD-R made in Luxembourg, so I wonder whether this plant still continued small volume production for Sony Europe.

Obviously your English is a helluva lot better than my German. Didn’t mean to come off so “hochgestochen”. I’m staying away from both TDK and Babel Fish for a while. :wink:

Looks like they’re dismantling the plant already. Found some of the inventory on auction here .

Ta ta ta. :disagree:. Nein nein nein! :flower:

Only degrading discs I reported are: RITEK G04 (all brands except Traxdata), RITEK G05 (all brands), MBIPG101 R04 (Ricoh-branded only) and TDK003 (TDK).
G05: extremely fast degradation
G04: fast degradation after an initial period of apparent stability of about 6-8 months
Ricoh silver MBI: fast degradation
TDK003: rather slow degradation, but definitly significant.

As I’ve used up til now at least 17 different types of discs, including some rather crappy models from Datasafe/Datawrite, I don’t think my storing is a problem at all. Actually, [B]most of my discs don’t show the slightest sign of degradation [/B] (detailed report upcoming BTW, ASAP :wink: ). Including these crappy cheap discs! :slight_smile:

back to topic:slight_smile:

About these TTH02, had the same issue, extremely high PIE values (>120) in all my scanners, I already mentioned three months ago (more or less) that I stopped recommending TDK media because of this (I personally think they’ve been, in the past, manufacturing among the finest media available). Mine work 100% OK and seem to be stable, though. Just that I don’t like to have such high BLER from rather expensive media. :frowning: