nero6603/4466mb in 5:25min!

transfer test. the end part is a bit shaky

overall still passed the test

I see “Made in Japan” is proudly displayed on the label.


I have no idea why we in the US can’t get any MIJ TDK media, it’s all made in Taiwan. I think the TDK media in Europe is made in Luxembourg, which is better than the Taiwan stuff. In fact, TTH01 from Luxembourg seems better than TTG02 made in Japan!

TTH01 is good stuff indeed, but i could not get any of it also.
it is being replaced by tth02 i guess

Haven’t seen any TDK packages like this?

Because you tried 16x reading where it is the most difficult. :slight_smile:

damn, that’s some really fast 16X burning speeds you got there.

USA version, coming soon to a store near you. :smiley:

Where did you get that? Any news about the +R here in the US?

tdk just released the 16x dvd+/-r news. so soon it will become widely available i guess.

I don’t have it, it is a pic that I took at their CES display.

this jewel-cased TDK 16x DVD-R is out in HK, at about HKD11-12 a piece.

gotta say i love the packaging and disc label of these TDKs (in particular the packaging in the very first post and the pics directly above).

Yes it is very nice to see the various packaging pics from the same media in different markets. :slight_smile:

yeah really nice… I’ll be afraid to burn it if I have one… :smiley: