TDK 16X DVD-R Media Problem

I bought some TDK 16x DVD-R disks from CD-R Media earlier in the year and have had nothing but trouble burning them. :frowning:

Every time I get near the 4.7 billion byte mark there are no reported write errors, but when verified, lots of read errors and bad sectors show up using Nero CD-Speed to test.

I have to reduce the data burned to approx 300 Mb less to get a successful burn with them

The manufacturing code is TTH02 and I burned them using a Pioneer DVR-108 (1.20 firmware).

They are a horrible looking blue colour btw.

Sorry I can’t give the case code but the CD-R Media order ref was:

UB* TDK DVD-R - 16x - Spindle Tub 25 - DVD-R47CBED25

I sent them back to CD-R media who tested the remaining disks and they said they burned fine! WTF?

Now, they won’t refund OR replace them!

I know for certain it’s not my disk images that are faulty, as mounting them in virtual drives and verifying works perfectly as does burning them to Verbatim 8x and 16x media!

Anyone else have problems with these TDKs?


Sorry to hear about your bad experience with TDK media.

I’m not that impressed with the TDK 16x DVD media myself (+ and -), but perhaps it would help if you lower the burning speed? You don’t specify which speed you’re burning at, but IMO 16x is too fast for the discs that I have.

So try burning at 12x or even 8x.

You can also try upgrading firmware if you’re not using the latest firmware, althoug 1.20 does appear to be the latest.

TTH02 is media which is not liked by every burner. I don’t recommend TDK media anymore because quite some of their newer media is very problematic. :frowning:
Don’t forget that your Pio is one of the earliest and oldest 16x burners and probably does not support that media well.
Next time just go for Verbatim, or real 8x TY :wink:
Also, some other online shops have better return policies :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the reply,

I was just about to edit the post then you replied. :slight_smile:

I ALWAYS burn at 4x speed.

I’ve never trusted that ‘stop then restart’ as the Pioneer jumps up the motor speed on the 108 model at 8x and higher!

All the read errors are at about 96% + btw.

I don’t have great results with TTH02 either. Best I can call them is “fair”.

Drage’s suggestion of 12x or 8x works for me with these discs.

CLV means lower jitter but does not need to mean higher quality!
The “stop then restart” (Z-CLV) does not need to mean trouble, it only causes trouble with older (1S/2S) LiteOn and NECs, but not with Pioneers. Your Pio has a NEC chipset too, but a better OPC system, so it will not make trouble.
Burn anything 16x rated at 8x or 12x, and you will be happier.

Yes, I’ve had very varied results with TTH02 myself, especially the first batches that came on the market. The end of the disc is just not good at all. I found 8X to be best speed for pioneer writers with this media.

Those I have is made by CMC - which I guess most are, although I’m not really up to date anymore.

Thanks for the advice guys.

Never knew that about the ‘stop-restart’ business thanks. :slight_smile:

Can’t afford a change just at the moment even though a Pioneer 111 is pretty cheap.

Will stick with Verbatim from now on anyway. The ONLY reason I got some 16x Verbatim and TDKs was because the 8x media has been phased out. :frowning:

Is it still ‘safe’ to burn the Verbatim 16x media at 4x with the 108 or would you recommend I change to 8x burning instead?

Can you recommend a better (UK) online retailer for Verbatims?

After the dismissive e-mail reply I got AND having had to pay the return postage for them to test my 10 remaining TDKs, I won’t be re-ordering from CD-R Media any more!

I use SVP myself and I can recommend them for having excellent customer service, a broad selection of media, good information about the media (and other products) and competitive prices.

Note: I don’t have any commercial interest in SVP except as a satisfied customer.

My experience is the same as [B]DrageMester[/B], use SVP - all my SVP purchases have gone very smoothly and I have been extremely satisfied with them.

I too recommend SVP. Great place to buy from.

Thank you very much indeed for your help and the SVP recommendation.

Their prices and delivery charges are more or less the same as CD-R Media so I’ll order there next time.

Verified with the 108?
Could you maybe scan them in another drive?

The 1.20 FW was released in april or May of 2005, it might not have a good writing strategy for TTH02, which have been in the market from mid-late 2005.
My 108 is not a good scanner (I’m not sure if I’m the only one to experience that).
Also, personally I didn’t have good results with TTH02 media, my 108 seems to like stuff like MCC03RG20, MCC02RG20, among others.


I only have the 108 but testing them in another drive seems pointless?

At 95% + the disks are unreadable because of the faulty sectors.

What I usually do is burn data files of approx 4 Gb then to pad the spare space add some PAR2 files to fill it to capacity.

Depending on how the data gets organised by UltraISO when I create the image, the PAR2 data could be at the end or maybe the beginning, but the point is when I run Quickpar to verify the data, with these TDK disks either the PAR2 data will not be read in full or at least one of the data files will not be readable.

I just used Nero CD Speed to see where on the disk the damaged sectors were and in every case it was at the end of the disk.

I don’t mean a Quality scan. Hope that clears things up a bit. :slight_smile:


Interesting to hear your comments about MCC03RG20 media. I’ve just opened and burned one of these the other day (after sending the TDKs back) @ 4x and I did a Quality scan last night after hearing the comments about burning speed.

The result I got was pretty horrifying. Yes, I know the 108 isn’t supposed to be the best drive for doing this but it’s all I have!

It’s not my usual data + padding, it was an .iso rip.

Here’s the resulting graph(s):

Should I burn @ 8X instead do you think?

If you upgrade to Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.70 you may be able to adjust the ECC mode in which your Pio is operating when scanning (you may prefer to set it to 1ECC) and make the scanning speed 8x for more realistic results. :slight_smile:

Hello Lazer
evilboy knows more about this stuff than I do, so I’d follow his advice regarding CD-Speed.
I always burn MCC02RG20 at 8X, and MCC03RG20 at 12X. I don’t remember if I did quality scanning at 5X or 6X on my Pioneer 108s (for that purpose I have been using BenQ drives for over 1 year).

Ok camellote, cheers m8. :slight_smile:

evilboy, I got v4.7 and set it to 1ecc and 8x but the drive seems to be taking forever and running at about 0.5x @ about 10% of the way into the scan. Is that normal?

You really need to scan in a suitable drive, [B]Lazer[/B], the 108 isn’t any good at this. What does a Transfer Rate test of this disc say (Benchmark tab)?

I gave up the Quality scan. Looks like it would have taken until tomorrow to see the results! :doh:

Here’s the benchmark results for the same Verbatim 16x Disk.