TDK 16X DVD+R and 16X DVD-R at CompUSA

Has anyone tried the TDK 16X DVD+R and 16X DVD-R discs at CompUSA here in the USA? I just came across it today. What frightens me is that it is made in Luxembourg. I would never touch this stuff with a 10 foot pole. Has any brave soul tried it? Who makes media in Luxembourg? My guess is that this stuff is of extremely low quality and probably not suitable for burns higher than 4X.

why would you think that?? If I had those media available to me here … I would definitely go try them …

Because I’ve heard of all kinds of strange problems with low quality media. In fact, I’ve heard that some discs in certain spindles of high quality MCC004 Verbatim 16X DVD+R media have been known to not be suitable for recording about 4X. I just read about Sony 8X DVD+R (Sony MID) that isn’t suitable for recording about 4X. So with low quality media, anything is possible.

Most of TDK factories is in Luxembourg. Over there is tdk own production. TDK 002 die you can see in some +R 8X is made only in Luxembourg. Meanwhile CMC MAG.E01 & RICOHJPNR02 are made in Taiwan.
I’d try these dvd, too!

just because u get a couple bad disc in a spindle doesnt make that brand/disc low quality. low quality is when most of the disc in the spindle is bad and alot of people experience this. who hasnt have a bad batch of some good media?

Paranoid…Luxembourg is a western country, I would buy it over Taiwanese/Indian Made anyday. Anything made by a western country, (USA, France, Germany, England, …), I am down for it. The only eastern country that can compete with most western countries is Japan

There is only one small factory in Luxemburg with limited production .
Works most as R&D and central logistics for Europe .Most of TDK discs are made in Asia .

RicohJpn02 are far excellent discs than many Taiwan made CMC’s made TDK 002 (cause of CMC’s known quality control problems.) Except if you talking about to hard to find original TDK MIJ
Never seen here,TDK 002 made in Luxemburg .Mentioned only available throught Luxemburg (as HQ fot Europe) -This is not the same thing.

I prefer a lot my TDK 002 spindle made in Luxembourg over ricoh & cmc dye. Afaik tdk with ricoh mediacode are taiwanese too. Just my experience

So why is that no Western country competing with Eastern countries now in a lot of IT industries? :stuck_out_tongue: Taiwan virtually owns the CD and DVD recordable media industry of the whole world. Most of the rest of the market where Taiwan doesn’t have nearly 100% control is owned by Japanese, Chinese, and South Korean manufacturers. (Perhaps India and Singapore should be included, too.)

Kenshin, dont get me wrong, I am asian myself. The reason you Asian countries control CD/DVD production is because media are so cheap nowadays and it costs too much to produce in western countries

a lot more than just CD/DVD stuff is produced in Asia and produced better than it is in western countries…said to hear an Asian make the kind of comment you did earlier…

Quite frankly, American work ethics anyhow, SUCK. That being said, German made products generaly rival those made in Japan. {Shrug} All oppinion of course.


This is very interesting. So the Made in Luxembourg TDK 16X media is TDK media. No surprise–I haven’t tried TDK made media in years. I stopped buying TDK media when I discovered that all the TDK 48X/52X CD-Rs that I came across here in the USA were Ritek or CMC. I was a big fan of the old TDK (genuine TDK, not rebadged) 8X Cyanine CD-R media available here in the USA a long time ago. However, since then, I have dealt only with Taiyo Yuden, Mitsubishi, and Ricoh (only for DVD+RW) media. Since I have a picky Plextor PX-716SA drive, I have no intention of trying TDK made media on it, since no information I’ve read indicates that this media can come close to Taiyo Yuden or Mitsubishi media, and TY and Mitsubishi media is well tested and recommended for my drive. It is nice to know that this TDK made media is readily available here in the USA.

There is a TDK factory in Luxembourg, here you have

a photo of the “smal” factory located in this “smal” country:

This photo comes from this link that you get through
DVD Identifier /More info /MediaMatch:[DVD%2BR%3ATDK-002-000]

TTH01 is a very interesting MID code sold in Europe at least under the name TDK DVD-R 8x “ScrathProof” because I bought a lot of them.
Being scratchproof they are a little more expensive than the TTG02 with their “classical TDK blue” look
From what I know it is manufactured in this factory at Basharage in Luxembourg

TTH01 - Made in Grand Duché de Luxembourg, only ??

The TTH01 disc itself looks grey and not the “classical TDK blue” anymore

TTH01 is a very good media, it performs better than TTG02 in my NEC 3500, Pioneer A07 and LG 4163B
and it had the best overall results in the recent comprehensive tests published by the german magazine c’t mag
“MediumRare” has posted a summary of these tests here: