Tdk 1616na New Firmware 2.c8 From Asia

We will be uploading a new firmware 2.C8 today from Asia. The firmware can be downloaded from Check it out at the sticky thread.

Fixes & Improvements

  1. Improves the write strategy for Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R (Yuden000T02)
  2. Improves the write strategy for Prodisc R04
  3. Added support for Benq 8x DVD+R (DaxonAZ2) to perform at 12x Burning
  4. Added support for Sony 8x DVD+R (Sonyd11) to perform at 12x Burning

Firmware 2.C8 is a complete entire version from 2.78.

Cheers ! :slight_smile:
TDK Asia

Thanks a lot for this. Hopefully, we’ll have more people from Asia here in future. The best aspect of this forum is the true international character of it. This does benefit all of us in the end, as can be seen in this thread.

I’ll test this firmware later.

with bitsetting?

2.C7 had SL bitsetting so hopefully the new version will have it as well.
NEC is rumoured to be releasing an offical firmware update today for the ND-3500AG, that probably won’t have SL bitsetting. :frowning:

I guess I’ll wait a moment with my next beta firmware. Let’s see what I can use as a base firmware. :smiley:

hehe :wink:

this f/w is not out officially yet. some final tweakings stl gng on.

hi Dee-27, 2.C8 does seem to be SL auto-bitsetting like 2.C7 from my 1st burn on a Benq 8x +R (Daxon AZ02) disc but looks it still needs some work with this particular media.

i thought i got the same experience wif the media. dean said on their side it was ok.
i think they r verifying the issue now. as for sonyd11, soon i will post the good result.

At stock speeds of 8x, the Daxon should burn fine with this fw, it is only when it tries to overspeed the burns above 8x then the error count climbs.

I guess I’ll wait a moment with my next beta firmware. Let’s see what I can use as a base firmware

I am not sure I would want a f/w with auto sl bitsetting versus selectable sl disk bitsetting as a base but that call is up to you… intereted to see what the new write policies and speeds will be however… it also interests me that they only have gone to 12x with the sony d11’s when from the other posting it is clear the benq took them to 16x…

Those who are interested can d/l from here. :slight_smile:

or here

Thanks for the link Sen. I might check it out later, busy right now.

SonyD11 burn test 8x@12x

Take a look here:

is there a 2c8 with nec id string?

To konsolen:

i flashed it!
So its the newest firm with bitsetting?

To konsolen: YES!