TDK 1616N same as NEC3500A?

hI FOLKS , i have looking for an NEC3500A burner in my area, but its hard to find it here even though its manufactured in my country.I can only find oem 3500a,but even tat is finish, very limited stock only at USD52,

So i thinking the retail TDK 1616N ,
1)it uses the nec chip but is it same as NEC3500A? performance wise is it, as reliable as 3500a?

2)can the latest irmware hacks for 3500a be applied to it, or better still is there plenty of stable and new firmware hack updates for it?like 3500a

i alway loves NEC dvd burner i owned a 2500A superb drive~~

Thanks in advance guys~~

You can flash the TDK 1616 with NEC 3500 firmware and visa versa. For more firmwares check my site, link is below.

Thanks so i just follow’s all future NEC3500A’s firmware updates i’ll be fine right~~?


thanks a million dude, i’m going to buy my burner next week, thanks

Firmware 2.79 for the TDK is identical to NECs 2.18 except the name and version strings, so don’t worry to crossflash future versions… :wink:

check out ScorpioSoft’s web site for all your firmware needs. this is an example of why nec drives rock. they have the best community support of any brand.