TDK 1616n Review

Did a quick search and did not find any posts about this but it appears that there is a review up at about the TDK 1616N which is a rebadged nec3500 drive. The review seems favorable but that the drive needs some work in upcoming firmware releases.


Here we go… CDRInfo Review

TDK1616N (NEC ND-3500 ) reviews


Excellent CD writing quality at 32X with low Jitter values
Very good Single Layer DVD writing quality
Supports CD-Text (reading/writing)
Supports audio protected discs
High C2% accuracy
Fast recording with Double Layer media and very good writing quality
Good DVD error correction capability
Can read/rip 90mins Audio CDs
Can overburn up to 88mins CDs

Old news…I did alreay posted the link yesterday. =)

Is this drive better than Nec 3500 or is it only firmware differences that make the difference?
I know that TDK firmware can be flashed into Nec. Does it produce the same results as TDK?
Thanks in advance.

Same drive, other firmware and looks.

No construction differences?
So, with the same firmware as TDK the NEC drive is exactly the same?
I’m asking because I was surprised with the excellent results that this drive produced in the cdrinfo review.
I’m still waiting for a NEC review to come from cdrinfo. Is this TDK review a quick preview of the NEC drive?
Thanks in advance.

Yes with the same f/w the results will be the same, off course it might differ a few % because no 2 drives are 100% the same. Nec made the TDK drives, TDK just changed the looks and the stickers on it, inside it’s the same.

OK. Thanks.
I’m probably going to buy NEC. But still would like to see the review…