TDK 1616n 2.79 is out

TDK 1616n 2.79 = NEC ND-3500 2.18 (same strategies) with auto DVD-ROM bitsetting for SL.

Seems that NEC 2.18 Liggy, 2.18 Liggy SE and present/future beta are more interesting…


i love autobitsetting

I’ve made this firmware RPC-1 and removed the RipLock… 2.79 RPC

Thanks Quikee2.

Wait… this is not all… also a version renamed to NEC =) Nec 2.79 RPC

It’s all on the firmware page where I made a 3500 original firmware table and a 3500 modified firmware table, because the one table was growing to hard… Please check if i didn’t make any mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:

ScorpySoft… It was meant to be so =) As the write strat versions do not change when modded… also bitsetting (till Liggy =P )

Nothing new here compared to fw 2.18. :wink:

I pass this one…

I don’t think this fw supports auto SL bitsetting… I just run a compare… and the only thing that is different is the version number… =)

Usually only the 2.C* version of TDK firmware supports SL bitsetting

I can confirm this.

I flashed “Nec 2.79 RPC” provided by Quikee2 and I can’t change the bitsetting for DVD+R and DVD+RW with Binflash v1.02 (Liggy).
Because a flash from 218btrpc1 binflash reported default bitsetting DVDROM for DVD+R and DVD+RW. (Ofcourse after setting it with binflash)
But if I use reset (to reset the bitset counter to 500) it will show DVD+R and DVD+RW as default for bitsetting/book type.
Setting the bit/book type for DVD+R DL works.

I think ScorpioSoft should update this on his page.

BTW: Thank you all for a great forum, this has been very educational.
Special thanks to Liggy, Quikee2, ScorpioSoft and others for their great work!!!

Ditto…these past 72 hours have been a blast!!! I think I can Binflash with my eye closed now :wink:
Thanks to all!!!
Oops…I have not flashed my 2500A/3500A in 8 hours…time for my CD Freak fix … :bigsmile:

Ok, but be aware, too much flash is not so recommended : the flash memory of burners have sometimes limitations…

Recommended by whom? Any reference.

Excuase my ignorance, but you maybe can enlighten me…
We know for sure that flash memory can withstand at least 500 flashes (ie. booktype changes).
And some member with better insight even state flash memory can be written more then 10.000 times. :wink:

I have had days flashing my drive 6-7 times. :cool:
My warranty was voided the day I got the drive and I´m well aware any damage will be on my cost.

If you flash once in a week… you will reach 500 flashes in 9 years =P

No reference, some post reading (i remember a NEC that crash after 3 f/w updates…), it was just to put a little light or shadow over it…