TDK 1616 v2.77 converted into NEC 3500 2.17 :)

TDK 1616 v2.77 firmware has been converted into NEC 3500 2.17 firmware :slight_smile:
I also made it RPC1 and removed Riplock :slight_smile: P.s.: This version has official support for RITEK D01 Dual Layer media!

Binary Version (Use Liggy’s excellent NECFlash utility under Command Line, Mac OS or *nix with this file :slight_smile: )

Windows GUI Flasher

Have fun!

thanks herrie, you the man !

thanks herrie, great work as usual

Does not work with TDB 3500 DOS flasher…

Thanks for everything Herrie

Outstanding work Herrie, yourself, Liggy and the TDB have already done us proud with the ND-3500A :bow:

Many thanks

Herrie as usual you are the man!!!

… thanks a lot … I’ll give it a try :bow:

. . are there any other changes, other media supported as in 2.16 . . what about Verbatim DL, will they work well ??

. . thanks, again . .

herrie, is this right if you have the nec as a usb device, i.e converted into an external enclosure, this will not work, all i get is flash error

and with liggys necflasher i get program terminated with returncode 23

Thank you for the hard work Herrie and anybody else involved in the firmware.

Works fine in my Firewire enclosure! Just double checked! You might wanna try Liggy’s NECFlash util :slight_smile:

hey worker, it works with liggy’s necflash.

I need the output of the flasher with option -v. Just as described here

tool fan - Yes it does…Just making the comment in case TDB notice…

Anyone done a file compare on these yet? Why the large # of bits changed? over 919,000

Compared to what? Only RPC1, 3x00 @ 3500 and Riplock removed (39 bytes). Furthermore ID string change, which might be about another 300 bytes :wink:

I appologize it is only 109. My stupidity had overcome me.

it says identified drive: 3x00

detected drive from firmware

sending firmware to drive at 0x0

all that happens is the light keeps flashing, and nothing happens,

p.s this is what i inputted necflash.exe -flash -v TDK16N_2.77.bin H:

I’m considering buying a NEC ND-3500
What are the advantages of using the TDK 1616 firmware, beside the RPC1 and removed Riplock?