TDK 1616 new FW 2.78

Here is the new firmware for TDK 1616 (NEC 3500 OEM)

Now lets see what it does :), Liggy, check the burning speeds and you can start swapping :).

Somebody can send it to TDB?
It would be nice to try it on NEC :slight_smile:

Already done. Going to post them here now.

I’m burning a +R just now to see if bitsetting is locked at Booktype DVD-ROM like the TDK 2.c7 firmware. You can’t change booktype for SL +R with the bitsetting util, you can only change DL booktype.

Booktype is not locked to DVD-ROM in this firmware :sad:

Have they reenabled bitsetting for dvd+R’s anyone…

sorry dee answered in other thread No… damn why have they turned that feature off… is this a sign of things to come… liggy can you find the differences yourself to re-enable the SL dvd+r bitsetting so we can use this firmware or are we SOL til a newer one comes out with this enabled.

thanks in advance

No way. I barely understand some the assembler code of these drives, but I’m completely unable to implement any changes and that’s what needs to be done.


That’s becos 2.c7 is actually newer than 2.78, I had 2.78 a few days before the 2.c7 was released. Hopefully all newer firmware from TDK SG in future will support booktyping.

Maybe there will be a new mad dog firmware soon.

I thought 2.78 newer? :confused:
The write strategy is newer version according to

The strategy versions in 2.78 are newer than those in 2.c7, but the build date is a little bit earlier.

TDK 2.78 may not have SL +R bitsetting, but there’s nothing wrong with the way it burns a disc :slight_smile:
Here’s a scan of the ProdiscR03 i burned earlier to test for bitsetting.

At what speed did you write this disc?

default 8X with TDK 2.78 firmware

Just had look on tdb site they have not done name string change as yet still just showing 2.77 , but im sure they will soon. shame about bitsetting on 2.78 though.


has anyone the bin file of TDK fw 2.78 to flash the NEC3500 with this FW.

thanks for help


Now waiting for the 2.c8.
Heard that it is releasing soon. :bow:

if you can obtain the bin file for 2.77, then flash your nec3500 to tdk 2.77. Then you can use the official flasher.