TDK 161040XA ->Sanyo CRD-BP1500P 6.41 Firmware?

Long ago another user (Cactuar) was able to flash his TDK161040XA to a Sanyo CRD-BP1500P. Does anyone know the procedure? There was some hex editing involved.

Figured it out myself, here’s what I did…

Downloaded latest firmware for BP1500P.


Downloaded Flashtool.


HEXEDIT WinFlash301e.exe

Changed lines 0004A440 & 0004A480 from CDRW161040 to TDKCDRW161040XA

Had to remove some of the drives immediately before and after with 00 (HEX) to make room for my changes. Saved file, started it up…there was my TDK in the flash window.

Drive remained TDK CDRW161040XA in XP Device Manager.
NERO displays the new firmware and a burn speed of 24X.
Burn speed in Nero…was 24X!

Hope this helps…

so… here is the deal…
i have the same device: TDKCDRW161040XA
and i’m tryin’ to do everything you wrote here…
no success.
i’ve tried to modify WinFlash301e.exe with hexedit
using many different ways.
still doesn’t work.
any idea why?
i’m under WinXP.
Please help.

p.s. may be there is another flash utility that i can use???

c’mon, people?!
do nobody know how to do this sh!t?

ok… figured by myself too…

but, when you hexedit WinFlash301e.exe, u have to change only one thing…
line 04A3F0 -> starting from the 4th position from the right ->
change CDBP-241040A to CDRW161040XA ->
save changes and run winflash.
previous method didn’t work on my computer… so i figured this one after playin’ with winflash301e.exe for a little while.

now i have TDK161040XA and i can burn my cds in NERO with the max speed 24x.