Tdk 16 10 40

Hi, i am the guy that won the tdk-cyclone cd/rw the other day, i have now installed it and when i start my pc everything goes fine until i click on it or put a cd in it, i get the blue screen of death, could it be broke.

Can someone tell me about this burner, is it as good as my plex 8 2 20, sell it or keep it???


probably an error in the configuration of your pc, overwritten drivers orso, in theory this cdr drive should be better than your plex, becuz this drive has burnproof capacibilities , it write’s at 16x, has a rewrite speed of 10, and reading spead of 40 x, and it has better DAE (digital audio extraction) than the plex, which come in handy for ripping cd’s to mp3 , etc

Thanks man, but when i took it out all worked just fine, it is only when the tdk is in the pc i get the blue screen, will it help to install win over the win there is in the pc, mabye it wil fix whatever is wrong

it can help you, but can’t say it for sure

you didn’t install easy cdcreator 5.0 perhaps :wink:

Thanks man, i just uninstalled easy cd 5.0 and now it all works fine

Hehe, that’s why I always advise people to use Nero… :wink: