TDK 16/10/40 VeloCDRW Drive

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TDK takes CD burner performance to the ultimate level with its brand-new 16/10/40 veloCD ReWriter. Burn a full CD in a record-breaking 5 minutes with 16X writing, and rip a…

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Makes my Philips 4x
A bit on the slow side :smiley:

And what abaut the price, can’t find it anywhere

and i just bought the TDK VeloCD 12/10/32…damn!

First burner capable of 10x Re-Write? Funny I remember Plextor having it a long time ago.

It is a plex m8. Repackaged

I’ll think I’ll wait 'till plextor releases their 16 speed drive in the first quartal of next year

It can also be a Yamaha burner. As I recall it they where the first to have a 16x10x40 burner.

its a sanyo guys who plextor also use so why wait for the plex

As TDK is the first CD-burner to burn rewritable CD at 10x so:
1)AMD was the first to introduce MMX tecnology…
2)Microsoft was the first company to introduce graphics windows in a Operating System…
3)I’m happpy to use Windoz…

What I want to know is how is the DAE? Is it really 32x? Or is they bullshitting us like usual?

I’ll stay with my 8X plex. $200 more for 3-4 minutes off of my record time? (who uses RW disks with the cost of 1X write disks anyway?) I’ll wait for the 24 or 32X burn. Nice thing about the buffer under run fixing. (though it is needed a little more with the IDE burners)

Sorry. Didn’t talk about the CD ripping ability. It sounds nice.

The Yamaha 16/10/40 does audio ripping at 40x, so this burner is “old news.”

these are all for people with money to burn. i can get away quite nicely with a 4424 drive, it costs much less. the time these new devices are cutting of is more and more negligable, ok if you are going from 2 to 4x or 4 to 8x then you are cutting of a considerable amount of time, but hell 10 to 16x:

i have worked out that the time for a 650mb recording is about (i can make this more accurate should any pedantic fools think it necessary) is around:

time taken = 80 / writer speed

so the time difference from 12x to 16x is only 1.5 mins! what a waste of many £££.

should anyone be interested the full equation for burner time is:

time taken = (8*number of mb) / burner speed

your maths will have to be ok to follow this though!

sorry that should have read:

time (mins) = size of burn / 8
writer speed


sorry that should have read:

time = Size of burn / 8
Writer Speed

The Plextor 1210A, more than 10 month on the market, just writing RW with 10 x
Shit F***G TDK Burner !