TDK 1280B Firmware? Update?




I was just wondering if there is an update for my Combo Burner/Reader…

I updated my Plextor from 1.07 to 1.09 and I had some issues for awhile…

Is there an update??

Also what is the rating on these two drives?? I have been looking but no luck because they are older.


Kind of hard to tell when you don’t post the drives models.



Plextor 712-A

TDK 1280B I think that is it I posted it in the Subject


1.09 is latest for the plextor , could you be more specific about the issues? its possible they arent firmware related , t7s4 is latest for the tdk you can get it here if its not alredy updated , just scroll down


well My issue was when I updated my Firmware for the Plexor awhile back it had issues reading Blank Discs…

But it is ok Now…My TDK is fine but sometimes it has issues reading DVD’s but not blanks so I would have to eject and put it in again sometimes I would have to do it multiple times.

Also is there a way to tell me what the Firmware Upgrade will do??

LIke the Plextor Site told me what the new upgrade does…


sounds like a dust issue might wanna get it cleaned , anyway the only changelog in tdk’s site^ says “Provides Greater Compatibilty” so theres no detailed one , in general firmware updates just adds support for some newer mediacodes & may improves writing quality on some


Well it looks like I have the most recent firmware…Thanks a lot