TDK 1280B bitsetting issues

I just received a 1280B as a gift, which is not a bad drive, I would have purchased something else…Lite-On, Pioneer, etc…, BUT the TDK is based on Lite-On…anyway.

I updated the firmare to current T7s4 and the “Lite-On Bitsetting Utility v1.1.0” says it does not support bitsetting! I know that previous version T7s2 does and the Lite-On utility works. Could this be caused by the media itself? OR is it the new firmware. OR both?

any info would be great!!!

Could be the firmware. Why not use a LiteOn firmware like BS0K instead?

Good question! I guess because I haven’t found any info regarding the use of Lite-On specific firmware on TDK drives. If you have any resources where I can get more info on this I would greatly appreciate it! Just don’t wanna bugger up the drive!

I found an article that says the 1280B is based on the Lite-On SOHW-1213S. But how much I don’t know.

You can poke around the LiteOn forum. :wink:

A lot of people in the LiteOn forum who have 1213S drives (or drives that are rebadged 1213S drives) have converted them to 1633S in order to get what usually amounts to significantly better write quality (there is no gaurantee that this is what will happen, but at least nobody has yet to report things getting any worse). Plus, all the standard LiteOn things like bitsetting will works.

I poked a little…going to poke more…

I tried to flash my 1280b with the lite-on firmware BS0K … got error "No matched drive detected. This firmware is for Lite-On drive …bla bla bla…

going to do more research on the forum…

any suggestions in the meantime?

by the way… your help is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!!

also cannot find a download for previous firmware t7s2 that supports bitsettings. Do you know of any links to download?