Tdk 12/10/32



I have a TDK 12/10/32 Drive and was wondering is there any hacks to make it better???Lite the Liteon’s??

IT is a PX-W1210TA based drive…

Any infor would be helpful…:smiley:


There is no way to overclock this drive.

If it is a rebadged Plextor, it can use the Plextor firmware up to v1.10 if a certain install procedure is followed. TDK stopped their firmware for the Plextor clone at v1.08.

It is also possible to convert the name string of this drive to Plextor, which offers no advantage except the use of some Plextor utilities like PlexTools.


Unless you have a TDK 12\10\32 A. Then you have a Ricoh. That’s a real piece of *hit. I am the proud owner of one. It makes a good doorstop.


See the thread at TDK > Plextor 12/10/32a > TDK for further information about rebadged Ricoh and Plextor drives.


PeeWee sez the 121032a (Ricoh) is crap.
I havent used many CD burners, but this drive has served me well.
I recently bought a Buslink 52/24/52 for my second computer. Should I put this buslink drive in the good computer or stick with using the 121032A ?



I’d probably put the Buslink in the “good” PC, especially if that PC is faster. I tried burning at 32x in a Celeron 366, and it had buffer underruns even with DMA enabled. It wasn’t fast enough. What model of the Buslink do you have (i.e. Lite-On, AOpen, etc)?


I ended up returning the Buslink Drive cause it was not a Lite-On (It had JuskLink on it).
So I bought a OEM LiteOn 52246S from NewEgg for $50 and was able to get a black faced drive to match my computer.
The LiteOn works great for me!


Nice! I hope the Lite-On continues to do what you need it to do! :bigsmile: