TDK 003 aging examples (pi/pif)?

I was told by several people here that TDK 003 discs aren’t so good but at that time I had allready bought 3x50-disc spindles (2 are unopened) of them.

the postage costs of sending them back and getting new ones is too high (I loose half of the value of the 2 unopened stacks)

now i’m thinking of keeping them and betting that the data I burn on them will be safe enough, so I am looking for the people that warned me about their quality to maybe show me ‘proof’ of the degradation of these discs.

Does anyone have kprobe (pi/pif) or similar results showing a very high pi/pif rate on TDK 003 discs that are 1 year old or such ?

1.5 month after burning I checked a few discs with kprobe on a LiteOn drive but their pi/pif rate seems fine (I think). See the picture below.

thanks alot in advance !

TDK 003 Made in Luxembourg (TDK Europe S.A.)

Original burn & scan:

Rescan after one year:

TDK 003 Made in India (Moser Baer Ltd.)

Original burn & scan:

Rescan after one year (needed 3 attempts to complete, with an L-EC Uncorrectable Error in different locations on the first two runs):

Edit: TRT is still good, it may just be the Sony’s sensitivity for OPC spikes.

Thanks for you reaction. From what you tell about the L-EC errors, I sense thats not a good thing. The diagrams though aren’t much different from the ones that you posted a year ago or don’t you agree ?

To ease my mind (though I loose money) I reversed my decision and am going to send them back to the shop and then I will order MCC004 verbatims.

I still have almost 50 discs in a spindle that I unpacked (I cant send that one back) so any other remarks about TDK003 or their pi/pif tests are still welcome.

btw what do you mean with TRT ?

TDK003 sold here is made in India by MBI. It seems
quite stable. This disc was burned in Jan 2007 and
scanned today.

TDK +R 16x (TDK003)
Scanned at 4x in a Liteon LH-20A1P fw KL0N.

I’ve heard reports of TDK003 degrading. My own stash of it seems ok so far. But it’s risky to put things onto discs that have a reputation for potentially degrading.

I think the change you made to MCC004 is a good one. I’ve got many MCC004 and not had any degrade/deteriorate. Most people show MCC004 to be stable over time with no degradation reports at all from what I’ve read.

No, it’s not. :disagree: The drive can’t overcome any errors it encounters, leading to potential lost data.

btw what do you mean with TRT ?
Transfer Rate Test. CD-DVD Speed >> Benchmark tab. Select Run Test > Transfer Rate.

Hi, - I probably shouldn’t have mentioned the L-EC errors, not to confuse the issue here. They are more a result of the burning and scanning drives used in this example, than of the TDK media.

However, while the Luxembourg disc shows a near identical result after one year (within the margins of the test), the Indian disc does show an increase in PIE/PIF errors (stored in the same conditions as the Luxembourg one).

TRT is a read-back test at maximum read speed of the drive It’s another way of testing your discs (in addition to quality scanning) and will confirm whether the data on the disc is retrievable in that drive at that point in time.

I agree with you. Even though I loose money I decided to trade them in for MCC004 but now they are saying they either sell MCC004 made in india (less good) or verbatims made by YUDEN000T03 in Japan. See my seperate question about that.

ok :slight_smile:

mine are made in luxembourg (I live in europe hehe) but I still decided to send them back to ease my mind

thanks for explaining the abbreviation. After I burn a disc I always use the transfer rate test btw.

Does it say “Made in Luxembourg” on the packaging?

Mine say “Grand Duchy of Luxembourg” on the packaging,
but the discs are made in India.

it says :
TDK Recording Media Europe S.A.
(a luxembourg address)
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

It nowhere says ‘made in …’

They are probably made in India by MBI. The MBI hub
code looks like this.

-M0722 on the outermostside of the plastic ring (against the recording area)
-even more against the recording area is: DVD+R 5727C2
-on the innermost edge where your black dotted code is, mine has unreadable code in the same color as the plastic

Tough choice. MII MCC004 or MIJ T03. I’d probably go the T03.

You have MIL discs, which are less common than MII since production ceased there more than a year ago. An easy way to identify the spindles is the dark grey spacer on top of the discs for MIL. The MII spacer is white (CMC Taiwan’s is also (transparent) white, TY Japan’s is blue - all for 16x speed TDK’s).

If all 3 spindles were MIL, you might consider keeping them as there doesn’t appear to be a stability problem with these.

my spacer is from clear plastic and it has a white rubberish ring on top

That might mean they are not MBI. Transparent and difficult to
read often means CMC Taiwan.

See this thread for info:

even though now it MAYBE seems my TDK’s are made in a better factory returning the TDK’s makes me relax about my wories but should I get the MCC’s 004 or TY0003’s (your opinions are split) :frowning:

OK, the white ring is what I call the spacer. So they must be MII after all (my MII have an Mxxxx code as well, unlike the MIL discs - and a clear stamped serial on the center ring, unlike skelton’s black printed serial).

Has anyone seen CMC production with TDK 003 MID? I thought they all had a CMC MID.