TDB-patched LG firmwares

the patched firmwares that The Dangerous Brothers make for LG drives - are they “drive indifferent” ?
what i mean is do TDB remove the part of the flasher that tests the drive about to be flashed and prevents flashing if it’s not the same?

i want to try out the recently released E10L firmware on my H10L (to see if it makes it UDMA4 vs. the current UDMA2 of the H10L), and want to be able to flash back to H10L firmware with TDB’s LL11 firmware.

Past experience with TDB patches in LG H1x drives and 4163B and MCSE show me that TDB mostly “turn less selective” the flasher.

I guess that they prefer this method to not risk other drives from same brand.

thanks zhadoom for your reply but i don’t understand what you mean by [I]“turn less selective” the flasher[/I].
from the next sentence it can be userstood that the TDB flasher [I]does[/I] test which drive it’s going to flash?

Just opened E10N (first pic) and E10L (second pic) firmware in MCSE:
Crossflashing H10 to E10 should be possible :slight_smile:

Unaltered flashers just dont write to another drive(s) different from that declared inside. In the sentence “turn less selective” I mean that the hacked version of the flasher is less restrictive ( more flexible, more target drive models ) in which models it maybe or not upgrade.

I think that restrictions remain to avoid bad flashes in not compatible hardware.

Yes, I think that TDB flasher looks at the drive before enable the flash button.

thanks. i suppose then that a hacked E10L firmware will flash on a H10L.

This is a pretty good description, the LG flasher tries to match the drive model and firmware version to filter the drives which are flashable. We toss in some additional wildcards and the flasher gets a little more relaxed. ie ID:GSA-E10L FW:LE?? becomes ID:GSA-?10? FW:???

The side effect is that the flasher becomes less idiot proof and allows you to do things which are stupid. We assume the user is smart enough to know the risks.

It is expected that the external model firmware will unlocked UDMA modes, and/or adjust the buffering/transfer strategies to better suit data transfers layered over USB2.

Brother Vlad

i read this quote in a friend’s .profile (supposedly made by some famous programmer):
“Software designers strive to make better, more idiot proof programs. Then comes along the Universe and builds a better idiot”

Thanks again Bros for your work.

OK, I must be the “Better Idiot"
I tried flashing my H10L to E10L, over a USB connection and get nothing? At least I did not kill my drive.
Does this drive have to be flashed over an IDE connection?
And does “Auto” vs RPC1” mean Auto Bit Setting vs just RPC1? using the Dangerous Bros Flasher?
Thanks for any clarification

no, it’s Auto-Reset not Auto-bitset, it has nothing to do with booktyping.
read here:


having flashed my H10L with your modified E10L firmware, i want now to go back to H10L.
i had intended to do this using your modifield H10L LL11 firmware. i had assumed your modified H10L flasher would accept the H10L@E10L (hence my question opening this thread).
however it doesn’t work, both LL11AUTO.EXE and LL11RPC1.EXE do not see my H10L@E10L.

would it be too much to ask that you release a new version of your modified LL11 firmwares, with the flasher made a little more “less selective” so it would recoginze the H10L@E10L ?

thanks in advance.

Thank you for the clarification.
I assume you flashed your H10 to E10 using an IDE connection.
Now, you want the ability to flash back…is that because of burn quality? or?
And did you install the H10>E10 into an external case for any test burns?
I ask because I have the both a new Cypress USB2 chipped, as well as an NEC USB2 chipped case. The latter appears to be the same chip set that Samsung uses in their external S184 drives and can achieve 18X burns on the right media.
I am interested in a good 16X burn on my H10L over USB2. So far I am able to burn only 12X externally using a Prolific USB chipset.

yes, i flashed it as an internal IDE drive.
no, i did not place it in an external case (i don’t have one).
i haven’t made any burns after the flash.
i flahsed mainly out of curiousity, to see if H10L@E10L is UDMA4.

The H10N with JJ11 firmware reaches 15.6x with NEC chipset.

Brother Vlad,
Would it be possible to get a bin file of your H10L-LL11 firmware?
Thanks for your response

Why do you need a bin file ? There is no flasher that could handle it.

Actually, I have a flasher that has worked on my 2164, flashing a bin file to give me 2164>4166b. That drive has been working fine for months.
I imagine I could use the same flasher to reflash my H10L>E10L back to LL11. If this is incorrect, please let me know.
I would like the option of flashing my “now” E10L back to H10L strickly for comparison purposes. I did not do enough test burns of the LL11 firmware in my external case for me to be sure of which firmware I want to use.
I would not need a bin file if the TDB flasher will let me flash back from the E10 firmware.

i’m pretty sure it’s incorrect.
the 2164, 4166 are Panasonic chipset based, the H/E10x and H12x are Renesas chipset based.

I already did :slight_smile: