Tdb a104 firmware and 4163



I searched the forum and no threads on this topic.

anyone has feedback on the combo? thanks again


afaik tdb only removed region protection



I know that based on what is written on their website. But there is a difference on actually using a firmware and not just what is written on a website. :slight_smile:


What do you mean?


I guess he want to know that it is safe to use TDB’s firmware, is it bug-free etc.


corbus hit it in the head. :slight_smile:

thanks for the feedback.


TDB has been around for ages and is generally trusted. I have used many of their firmwares in different burners. Not much reason to bring out bad firmware anyway, it is not like a burner could be used as spyware or backdoor. :slight_smile:


Been using the RPC1 version for about a month. Before that I had the normal A104 (non region-free) firmware. I can tell no difference between the two except that my drive is now region free.


I have used their firmware for other burners/dvd-rom as well and they’re worked beautifully. But people do mistake. I just want to make sure. :slight_smile:


Many have used A104 TDB for 4163/5163. Things related to LG firmwares are quite straightforward and simple.