Some games give you a choice of TCP or IPX protocols for a LAN multiplayer game. What is the best to use and why?


Well if you are running a game to were the system’s are connected via home network then I would say that your best option would be to use the IPX config. It should be a lot faster and have an extremly low ping time, however if you are going to play some one that is not on a home network with you then you have only 3 options open to you.

1.) TCP/IP nice speed and ping time depending on the distance and number of hops between you and the host computer, also varies with the speed of the host computers connection.

2.)modem 2 modem play. Not avaliable in a lot of games these days. Really slow, and bad phone lines tend to cause pauses in the game as one of the other system tries to catch up.

3.)internet play. nice speed depending on the servers and how many people are playing at the time. One major drawback to this mode of play in my opinion is that not all game makers can afford to run there own playing servers, so they are run on servers that have a lot of other games running on the same system causeing so really bad lags at times. One good pro for it is that you should never run short on having some one to play with.

In a nutshell the ipx protocol shouts to everybody on the net and hopes someone will answer. “Hello ? Is someone there ?” “Yo !”

The TCP protocol searches the target , but takes several hops to get to the target. "Hello ? Are you the target " “No” “Moving on … hello , are you the target” “Yo !”

So for small networks ipx is better