Tayo Yuden DVD-R 4.7GB 4X Silver Shop4Tech $27- free ship

TY 4x

Use coupon code “TY10” when checking out, knocks $3 off the price. Now where is the monkeystud with his referrals? :slight_smile: Make it even cheaper.

im here im here…LOL

studmonkey is a savior when it comes to S4T referrals =)

mucho gracias once again SM for all the discounts in 2005 …

Thanks hardcandy for pointing out this deal, I always have friends looking twds me nowdays to show em the cheapest way to get TY media. =)

ty for remembering me…ive been so busy and havent had time to check out shop4techs site lately…but if you pm me wanting a referal, i will hook ya up…thanks again

just ordered another 100, slightly less expensive thanks to studmonkey, but when I tried to enter in another discount code the page politely told me it wasn’t going to happen :frowning:

Ah well, couldn’t last forever.

I dont think the referals and discount codes work together anymore. Someone got mad that he couldnt get both to work and called shop4tech and managed to ruin it for the rest of us…Should have a rule here, that you cant call if you find a deal, that way its not ruined for the rest of us…LOL

I ordered the value line TY from another online store, and I was expecting TYG01 but got TYG03 instead. I had no problem burning these between 6X - 12X. :slight_smile: Is it normal to get other MIDs besides the 4X TYG01 in a value line TY? So if I order from Shop4Tech, I may get other MIDs as well?

My 2 cents!!! With all the sales in BM stores this cost way too much!!! :eek: :disagree:
Also I don’t know anyone who recieved TYG03.
So think about it.

I got all 3 before…TYG01 TYG02 and TYG03 so I guess its what they have in stock at the time. My last purchase around Christmas were the TYG03 from shop4tech.

shop4tech stock only decent quality media. meritline.com, yesbuy.net, cdrdvdrmedia.com are scammers, sell defective media, high failure rates http://www.digitalfaq.com/media/dvdmedia.htm

meritline is good…all sites sell defective media…shop4techs no name brands are not worth a thing. as long as you buy from a good and reptiable site, you will get good media.

that’s all i’ve received (TYG03) in the last 2 orders of 2 100pks each order… at least in relation to orders of TY Value Line discs through Shop4tech.

heck i’d prefer the tyg01’s …but these 16x rated discs do quite well in my nec3500ag

i have about 7 spindles of the tyg01s…i perfer the tyg02s myself.

ahhhh that’s right. what a lamer. <sigh>

I use these TY’s as hand-outs for other people, I archive my stuff on Sony-branded TY’s, or trusty MCC003s

  • til they run out, that is.
    I have never gotten anything but 01’s, which seem to burn just fime with my Litey at 8x. The burn quality has always been good 'cept for a defective batch I got from stupidmediastore (giving them the benefit of the doubt :stuck_out_tongue: ), but the shiny discs seem to attract dust and fingerprints like MAD. :doh:

I bought some lint free clothes from walmart that are meant for cleaning the lenses on digital cameras and they work great to remove fingerprints off the disks. might try that and see how it works for you

Wrong. Plenty of people have been recieving the TYG03. Also you aren’t taking into consideration all of the variables under store labels. With value line TY, you end up with 4x, 8x or 16x TY media but it is always TY. There is no gaurantee that you will get quality media on the in-store labels as there are several different manufacturers for each label and not all stores stock the good stuff. Given gas prices these days you could end up wasting a bunch of time and money running all over looking for the good quality discs. I’d rather sit at home and just order media that I know will work well and take a gamble with the write speeds.

I was just about to bite on this deal til someone posted the Staples sale on Sony +R’s for 14.94 50 Pk. So i will pass on these and grab some T02’s.

I love the Sony’s white branded top. Makes the disc feel more sturdy than the regular unbranded TY’s. Second, no fingerprint/dust issues with Sony’s white top discs.