Tayio Yunden Quality Control Problems?

Hello All

I’ve got 2 different types of TY media with the same defect. My first are DVD-R 8x TYG002 the second are Fuji DVD+R 8x. Both have some sort of over spray on the outer portion of the disc. Has anyone else experienced this?


Are they both Fuji or store brand rebadges? This problem is appearing more and more on store brand relabels. This is why I always order straight from the manufacturer. Never had a single defective TYG02 from rima and I am about to start testing the value TY from supermediastore.

Never seen that on my real TY discs. Tried about 5-6 different brands (Fuji, verbatim, unbranded, that’s, plextor).

The DVD-R are the silver INKJET printable ones. I purchased them from blankmedia.ca
The DVD+R are the fuji. QSCAN doesn’t recomend anything above 4x or 8x on either. Sometimes QSCAN will OK 12x, but not 16x or 8x…
I may have other issues with my system as i have yet to get the burner to burn sub 14min. I’m just looking for others with the same visible surface defect.

Unbranded TY were always B’ Grade media in our local market.-Only 70% of 50 discs spindle found them as good, in the past (bought them from various suppliers,also European eshop)

-So I stop used them,and now burn only branded TY media.

I can’t even get TY branded media in canada. Just whatever blankmedia.ca sells which is IJP white or silver or plain silver. Also the Fuji rebranded stuff.


None of these disks will write faster than 4x according to QScan either!


I have a spindle of 4x IJP TYs and found 2 of them to have dye defects in them already, and I havent even used half of them yet… Very dissapointed. Also the scans are showing up as poor quality in the PI/PO department too. And they are absolutely genuine discs.