Taxing Internet access to pay for music downloads



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slyder2 used our    news submit  to tell us  "I"m sure that the RIAA hates this because it puts the control of revenue  into the hands of others,                       essentially casterating...
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I hate any TAX!!! :frowning: :r


Surely that statement depends on the level of tax? If they charged you one penny extra a month (along with every other internet user) for all the music downloads you wanted, with no fear of any repercussions…I’m sure you’d be happy to pay…everybody would be a winner…


i don’t download music from popular artists so why should they get my money. Since Internet access is becoming as neccesary as the phone this will be like a national tax fund, but it won’t be going back to the people it’ll be going to a couple of shitty music artists and RIAA’s head staff. That’s like taxing public roads to give money to the billboard companies who puts signs along the highway. This ideal is Bull :frowning:
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The Reason you have to pay Taxes to Download is to keep her Happy(She’s a Musician you know) Daddy’s gotta keep her in Shoes. Anybody got any cold water. :slight_smile:


I have only two words to say to any internext tax and they aren’t Happy Birthday. You want to tax something? Institute a small levy a la Canada on the media. It’s odious I will admit but far less so than any nonsense those putzs could dream up. It also has the advantage as someone said of castrating the RIAA’s attempts to pursue anyone.


Why should I be taxed when I don’t D/L any music? I have a dial-up account and trying to D/L music would take me too much time. BTW, there is already a tax on much of the blank media for this purpose. Why should I pay such a tax on “data CD’s” (the only blank media I can think of that does not have this tax) when I save data to it and copy my legally bought CD’s? 'Splain that to me.:frowning:
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Yeah, this idea makes sense alright. Millions of people connect to teh internet in the US, and of those a minority are sharing files. So, right off the bat, you’ve already unfairly accused the majority of people of something that they don’t do. Of the filesharers, there are many who don’t share music. Why in the world would I bother sharing a single song, when I can share a whole music CD? Why bother with music when I can have videos, movies, or games? Music sucks compared to movies, and games. A tax on CD media would make about as much sense as giving RIAA money for sales of DVDs. By far and large, I can very well guess from personal experience and other’s collections of CDs, that the vast majority of CD-R discs sold end up with data, not audio on them. Good thing the US doesn’t have such a media tax. Why Canada does is beyond me, looks like they have their head stuck up the canadian record industry’s ass to figure out that they’re being scammed.