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…just downloaded this software and it seems to be protected by something called x64 according to the nfo…not speaking or understanding German…but getting by…the program wants the original cd…Clony didn’t find any known protections…anyone heard of this X64…thanks

Sooo … you downloaded a cd.
and it has an .nfo file with it…

that sounds a little teeny illegal to me , but i can be mistaken of course :slight_smile:

I’ve read about X64 only once.

But IF this is illegal crap i suggest you don’t complain or search for hacks in this forum.

PM me that nfo file. (I’m curious to know what kind of protection that might be).

Originally posted by Mr. Belvedere
I’ve read about X64 only once.

This links points a news-item about Sunncomm’s MediaCloq which is an audio-protection…



Reaction by Unknown on Wednesday 13 December 2000
They probably are joking yes!
But… I did encounter a prob during a copyprocess; when I wanted 2 copy DJ Jean’s Magix Music Maker, it couldn’t read this one file B[/B]! And when I tried 2 read it with CCD, it stopped every time @ 98% and wouldn’t
move 4 about 2 days!!! (every time I tried it!)
So is there someone who did manage 2 copy this one? Or is there someone who has the mentioned file what was unreadable!?
Please mail me with info!


Ah… did not check the reactions…

I’ve tried to search for it , but all the search engines could produce is some Commodore 64 Emulators :slight_smile:

The nfo file didn’t had much info either.
You could try to chat with them on efnet

How can i download taxi challenge from ?

[B] @ adeelazam[/B] sorry but it’s hard to understand your Question! Do you want to know

1/ “How can you download it ??? :disagree:

OR 2/ “Where can you download it from ??? :disagree:

The answer is :slight_smile:

1/ You can’t ! It’s a very old game and the only place you can find it is on maybe E-bay. :slight_smile:

2/ You can’t! It’s a very old game and you can’t download it best bet is to try and find it on E-Bay and buy it. :slight_smile: