Does anyone here do their own taxes with Turbotax or something like that?
Any recommendations?

I have used software for what must be 20 years now. Taxcut and Turbotax are virtually the same in ease of use and reliability. A while back Turbo tried to do some crappy form of online copy protection and they lost a ton of customers when there were the inevitable problems. I can recommend Taxcut with no reservations. Get the standard version, around $10, as the deluxe is really not necessary. Update on line is essential as it is never shipped with all the finalized forms. Usually the state can be done by hand but it depends on your state.

Yes, taxcut is cheaper lately. But sometimes there are specials where you can pick up both federal and state of Turbotax for one low price. Whatever floats your boat. They are both excellent programs, and usually differ by only a few dollars if at all. Last year they agreed on my taxes, the year before taxcut got me a few extra dollars. shrug

Been using TaxAct for the past 4 years. Happy with it.

Been using Turbotax for 5 years, very good. As Chas mentioned, you should immediately update after installation, there are always changes by the time the new year roles around.

I tried Turbotax along time ago and remebered having quit a bit of problems with it and either did them myself or had someone do them for me. I have heard that Turbotax is better now but was wondering about Taxcut. Thanks for the input everyone. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You can just go to TurboTax online and do your taxes on their website. There’s no need for software at all.