Tatoo Cd-R without a special burner?

Is there any solution to burn a ‘Disc-Tatoo’ without a special burner?
(i think the first drive came from yamaha)

only the yamaha F1 will ‘tatoo’ discs. It’s called T@2, or track@2. Yamaha owns the patent on the technology, so dont expect to see it on another brand of burners.

the function is also useless if you dont use dark blue (azo) discs.
you can hardly see the tattoo on any other dye color.

…and besides that, tattoo’s can only be made on the space that’s left empty on a disc!

If you ask me, this is the ultimate example of a useless feature!

It can be useful, depending on what you use it for.

Theres nothin like giving someone a nice blank top blue azo disc with a big ‘FUCK YOU’ written on the bottom:bigsmile:

Any ideas on how to T@2 a disc (or similar burn-side graphics) not only without a special burner, but between sessions? (Remember the dreamcast discs with the copyright info midway through the discs? Something like that, but graphics and at whatever point my data separates. Or for that matter, even a way to force a logical break for graphics to go on a disc and have the disc reader NOT freak out, since the graphics areas are not referenced in the data section.

Good call on the FUCK YOU burning. I personally like the silhouette of hand gestures with possibly a multi-language FUCK YOU splashed about the image (like Mac OS X splashes the multi-language welcome screen at first install).

That’s enough swearing in this thread.
It doesn’t make it better that you’re replying to a post that’s 3 years old.