Task tray menu



All of a sudden I get this pop up and it say’s that the configfree ™ task tray menu has stopped working. Do I need this, I have a Toshiba computer.


Toshiba ConfigFree is a program designed to make wireless connections easier. http://www.toshibadirect.com/td/b2c/ebtext.to?page=configfree

Apparently you have it set up to start automatically since you were not aware of what it was. And it is malfunctioning in some way.

You can either stop it from starting automatically through msconfig (in the Startup tab), or you can delete it from your computer through the normal route (Control Panel–>Programs and Features if you are using Win7).

I think you can also download it from Toshiba and reinstall, though I didn’t try to find it on their site. If you have a software disk from Toshiba, you may have it already on that disk.