Task scheduler - take control

I am using Vista Home Premium and the ‘Services’ startup control in Properties is greyed out.
I’ll explain what I was doing and hope someone else has come across the problem and can give me some advice, so here goes:-

I recently tried to create a System Restore Point through control panel (vista home premium) in the usual way.
I was told by the computer that there was some sort of error so the task could not be completed.

After a fair bit of investigation I found that the Task Scheduler was not started and that to create a R. P. in the future I would have to go through Admin. Tools/Services first to switch Task Scheduler on manually every time. I checked the properties of Tsk. Sch. to change the ‘startup’ type to automatic, but this function as well as many other services were “greyed out”, so I coundn’t make a change.

I did however find a fix for this one service at ‘winhelponline’ and it changed the ‘startup’ type to automatic, but the properties option was still ‘greyed out’.

Until relatively recently this problem did not exist and I could create restore points without any trouble.

My question is how do I regain control of the Services / Properties / Startup options ?
Through reading through a few blogs I believe that “sc config” could be used using the command ‘CMD’ box to ungrey the starup options.
Unfortunately I don’t know how to do this as I believe the teminology used has to be precise, and also that terms for services using the CMD function are different to the everyday names that are used through windows.

Any comments or solutions regarding this would be appreciated.
I hope someone else has come across this problem and has managed to figure it out. Thanks very much, jonty21:confused:

I would scan the system for malware.

Random changes to system services, especially ones that are designed to ‘protect’ the system, i.e. system restore, windows firewall, etc. are usually a bad sign.