Task Manager Needed to Escape Nero Express Hanging

When i select new files .mpg to burn as data for backup i find 99% times that nero just hangs forever. It seems it has a problem showing the .mpg small movie image in Nero Express. Can you make this image so i can disable it showing in the options.
As fed up having to use the Task Manager to kill Nero Express.

A switch to disable showing the small video screen would be a perfect cure. For myself i don’t have the need for the small video screen preview thingy, and never will have a need for it.

Thanks for you doing this in the next Nero Express release you make :bow:

This maybe due to nero filters being used and how it implements them into xp merits etc causing conflits and system hanging.

I use a uk digital tv stream dvb capture device and the files when looking at the .mpg filters of a video i see. It trying to use a combination of the digital dvb device filters and nero filters. Thus causing the hang because i could not turn of the video preview in Nero Express.

Ideal sollution would have an option at install asking if i have a dvb tv streaming device. Then give me the option of not installing Nero filters. I couldn;t care about the nero preview video screen, but if it has to be there then Nero should use either the xp system filters or any digital tv stream dvb capture device filters for compatibilty. More so now that many are installing MCE on their pc’s.