Task_2 failed! Error=123

Hey guys I’m currently running Vista Home Prem 32 bit, DVDFab Plat and it seems like every other dvd I try to backup in my collection I’m getting the below error ; Any help I’d love to stop throwing away dvd’s here, using Sony DVD-R’s ; I checked the error code page but the below error was not listed Thanks guys!

19:09:07: Analyzing of DVD started
19:09:11: Analyzing of DVD completed successfully
19:09:11: Copy process started
19:27:10: Copy process completed successfully
19:30:11: Burn DVD folder (C:\Users\Ben\Documents\DVDFab\Temp\MainMovie\Aladdin) started
19:46:01: Task_2 failed! Error=123
19:46:02: Process failed!

So who do I ask for a refund for software that only half the time works…


I won’t claim to be an expert in any way…but I’ve used this software for over a year with little problems. I did, however run into the same error your having when I recently changed burner drives.

I suspect its our drive firmware or dvd media causing the problem. I used memorex dvd media for six months or better with no trouble, but I’m told to try verbatium, which I’ll try this weekend.

I’ll let you know if I find a fix before one of the pros gets back to you. Several on this forum are very sharp and will help.