Task_2 failed error+112



Hi all
What is a task_2 failed error+112

I have been messing around with these crap discs, tonight, and this come from a resulting burn on clone mode, im just intrested to see if it relates to bad discs.


An error 112 means the device failed to initialize. Not exactly sure what that means, but it obviously didn’t start right. Hopefully someone will jump in and give you more answers ok. ~ Mike


Might be the fact then, that it can not read these crap discs, that why it did not initialize, as you pointed out.


Hi Ice,

Yeah, could be a bunch of things, but I think you nailed it…my money’s on the crappy media.
Is Fab still ok with the verbs?..if I remember right, you’ve still got some SL verbs.


Yes mainman, i have can not fault them, the sl verbatims i have no problems with at all.

Which once again go’s to support the evidence, that these richo DL are a bag of spanners.

As soon as i get the verbatim dl, i am going to post the result’s of this situation, so it may help others in the future.

in all fairness the dvd rw, might be quite a good drive.

Only time will tell.