Task_1 failed! Error=4(536 6)



[qanda]This thread is about the Apple iPod Nano (third generation, 8GB, blue). Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello everyone. I’m new here and new to DVDFab. I have VideoFab1010 and am trying the trial version. I have some .avi videos from my camera that I’m trying to convert for my ipod. When I bring them into the converter, the video plays fine on the previewer but I get this message during the end of the conversion process:
Task_1 failed! Error=4(536 6)
Process completed successfully

A mpeg4 file is created, but it won’t play in anything. I have an avi video that was created through Win Movie Maker that I was able to convert just fine. Is this something to do with the camera? I have a Canon Powershot. My computer is a Thinkpad T61 with Vista Home Premium.

I found some threads about Task_1 failed that mentioned changing the memory amount. I changed it to “Low” and it still didn’t work.

Any ideas?


Ok, I’ve been messing around with the file from the camera and have found that if I move the movie to my computer and open it on Canon Zoombrowser software and export it from there to an avi file that VideoFab can then convert it to iPod format successfully.

That definitely adds many extra steps. Is there any other way that anyone knows to just convert it from VideoFab?



Your problem is not memory problem, not need adjust memory option, and looks not a bad file problem, so I have some question about your problem:

your file is saved in SD card ?
and you connect PC with the Canon camera ?
I think your computer must set this SD card as a drive, you just directly select file from the this drive ?

I have Canon camera too, I will test it tonight.



Iconnect my camera directly by USB and upload directly to my pictures folder. I could try to use the card if you think that would make a difference. Thanks for taking the time to respond.