Task_1 failed! Error=4(504 4 Encode_video ***********)

I’m new here…

Just updated to the new version of DVDfab Platinum and i’m constantly geting the above error message:
Task_1 failed! Error=4(504 4 Encode_video **********)

I’ve done a search on this problem on this forum and found the only real solution is to reduce memory option to normal or low, as auto high and max fail.

I’m running 8gb of memory on a 64bit system…I am not short on memory and therefore shouldn’t have to reduce memory usage or suffer with a much slower encode time.

I’m converting DVD to Mobile: generic: xvid,mp3.

Please help

That is an internal error code for DVD to Mobile that is not publicly available. I just tried this profile and it worked fine for me. Do all movies do this?

Yes, all movies and tv shows i’ve tryed to convert come up with this error, unless i reduce meory usage. I’ve also tryed reinstalling dvdfab, with no improvement.