Task_1 Faild!

I received the following error code:

Task_1 Failed! Error=400 (100 38 175)
Process Failed!

The error ocurres with the size on disk at: 0.99 GB (1,073,381,376 bytes)

I received the error with both, DVDFab HD Decrypter and Beta.

The movie was: 007 “The World is not Enough”
UPC: 027616813022

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


Error 400 is a general failure of the transcoding proces. It can be caused by a dirty/defective original, new copy protection (unlikely in this case) or other unrecoverable read errors. The information in the parenthesis can tell the developers more about what happened. If an email reporting form came up, send it in. You can try: using Main Movie or Customize/No Menus mode, helps in some cases. Make sure your optical drive and the HDD where the temp file will be written are in DMA transfer mode. Sorry I can’t be of more help. The error code detail list is not released publicly, just the main codes.

Thanks for your quick response. I, also, thought it might be something on the media, so I cleaned it, eventhough it looked fine, that didnt work so I cleaned it with my DVD/CD cleaner and that didnt work. I set it aside and copied other DVDs and they worked fine.

I didnt get one of those pop-up email forms, so I thought I would give the forum a try… it has worked great in the past.

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Hi Neil. Send a regular email with all the data from the failure code to:
fengtao(at)dvdidle(dot)com. Send him a link to this thread also. He may want the IFO files from the DVD, depending on what the error code detail tells him.
You might also try going in to Common Settings–>Read and selecting “Ignore All Errors…” and disabling the read ahead cache.

Thanks again signals,

I’ll send him an email. Just a little background, over the weekend I decided to get serious about getting my DVDs on my system. I used DVDFab to copy about 240 DVDs to external hard drives (with the DVDs already copied, I have nine (9) 500GB Drives with my DVD library installed). Out of all of those DVDs I had problems with only three DVDs, I’ll post the other two issues after we resolve my current situation. I think that is a very good performance report card.


A success rate of 98.8% is great! You have been busy this weekend–and if married, you have a very understanding wife.:slight_smile:

I checked the folder that the DVD was copied into and there wasnt an IFO file in it. I checked other movie folders and they had the IFO file.

got reply from Ada Fang DVDIdle Support Team sent email explaining that there wasnt any .IFO files in the folders. havent heard back from since.

What copy mode are you using? Try one that copies the feature only: Main Movie or Customize/No Menus. I have never had DVDFab write a folder with no IFO files. Is this still the Bond disc you are having trouble with?

Yes it’s the same Bond DVD. I’m using Full Disc mode. I just tried it again, using the Full Disc mode and got all the same errors and the .IFO files are not there. As you suggested, I tried it again using the Main Movie mode and it worked. The .IFO files are there. I’ll pass this info onto Ada and see what he thinks the next steps are. Do you have any other suggestions?

Glad you at least have a backup now. I have the title somewhere and will try it if I can find it. I really would not suspect a protection issue on a disc this old (but it could be); more likely an error or bad spot on your original that DVDFab can’t recover. I’ll let you know how it works for me.

I might go to blockbusters and rent their DVD and see if I get the same error. My DVD was a new (old) one that was still in the shrink wrap.


I dont like giving recommendations on software (it is always subjective), but I did a lot of research, not unlike DVDFab, and found the best dvd catalog program for the money to be DVD Profiler. There is a free version to try before you buy. I have several hundred DVDs and can find any of them quickly, plus I download a copy of the listing in my Palm Treo for quick lookups.

It failed for me too! The exact same error, while copying VIDEO_TS.VOB. Main Movie and Customize/No Menus work fine, and Clone might also. This is clearly a protection problem that probably had a fix at one time that may not have been carried forward to the newer versions of DVDFab. I will post the IFOs here for Fengtao, maybe he can put the fix back in.:slight_smile: I think the VIDEO_TS.VOB file is too large.



Thank you very much for going thru all the trouble of finding the DVD and recreating my problem. I was starting to doubt myself.

You’re welcome, but it was fun for me. I love a good mystery.:slight_smile: I’m sure Fengtao will take a look when he has time. He may not post anything, so watch the release notes of the next several betas to see if a fix is listed (and try them anyway, sometimes a fix may not be on the list).

Will do and thanks again.

Hi signals,

Thanks for the IFO files, it’s an authoring error, and we will have workaround in next version.

Best Regards,

Thanks! :bow:

Wow, that was quick! Thanks