Tashiba recording help

I have a Tashiba RD-XS52 and I want to back up some of my dvd so that my kid doesn’t scratch them all. But the recorder wont let me copy the dvds to its hard drive. Does anyone know of a way to get past the copy write protection?

From what I am aware of, there are no HDD+DVD recorders which will allow copying directly from DVD to its HDD regardless of the firmware as generally the only firmware modifications available are to either disable region coding or copy protection detection from the AV inputs. As this DVD recorder recognises ‘Record-once’ flags and handles DVD-RAM, the firmware in this model would be even more restrictive like likely more resistant to such modifications.

If you have a PC with a DVD writer, you can try copying a DVD to a recordable DVD and then see if your Toshiba DVD recorder will allow the transfer of this to its HDD. Alternatively, if you can get scratch resistant DVD-R media, you can back up your DVDs to scratch resistant media which would be more robust to rough handling and even if this media does get damaged, you will still have the original. :wink: Unfortunately, this 2nd method defeats the purpose of having an internal HDD if this was what your main reason was for getting a HDD model. :rolleyes: