Target VIDEO_TS folder is too large

I´ve done some compressing with DVD2One and the results has been very satisfying, but I have a question. When I compress a DVD and enters 4472 MB in the field under destination, the target folder becomes too large to fit on a dvd-r. Why is that? I tried to enter smaller values and somewhere at 4390 MB i could then succesfully fit and burn it on a dvd, so I guess I “kind of” solved the problem. But I´m still wondering why the default value (4472 mb, which should be right) gives me a folder that is too large, about 4.41, 4.42 gigs.

I would be very happy if somone could help me out.

This seems to happen when doing Full Disk copies.
I believe it’s down to DVD2One having to estimate the Menu size and it’s sometimes a bit off target.

Try changing the output size to 4400, this usually works for me.

I have done many Full-Disk Back-ups with DVD2ONE and this is the first time this happened to me with “Up in Smoke Tour”…

I tried the 4400MB. size and it still made the DVD too big like 7.3 GB. ANyone know any way around this?


this has been an issue with dvd2one for awhile now. I have seen posts in their forums stating the same thing with the dev’s saying they can’t reproduce it so it doesn’t exist…

I’ve copied tons of movies with no problems and some just do not compress right for some reason.
But why are we complaining about a problem that doesn’t exist?

This happened to me on an Alison Krauss DVD. What I think the problem is that on that DVD, the soundtracks took up too much space (there was uncompressed pcm, dolby dig, and dts). The soundtracks ate up almost 3 gigs, and I don’t think there was enough video for DVD2one to shrink to fit it on one. I wound up using dvdshrink, so it all worked out in the end.

i just used clonedvd2 to copy resident evil apocalypse alond whit any dvd but i notice it took some of my hard drive space so how do find that file to get it back thanks