Target to exclusively sell Blu-ray disc Players

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Target is set to start promoting and selling the Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray player in October, but in a blow to the rival HD DVD format, it has decided to exclusively carry Blu-ray disc players, at least…

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Seeing how target is usually considered budget store for price conscious it seems like a very unwise decision to sell high priced item like BDP-S300.

LOL, some of you people would be gullible enough to think they will sell this and nothing else. Well, trust me, if there is demand for it, they will sell it, end of story.

Actually, Target isn’t exclusively Blu-ray. They’ve just decided to promote the format in their stores. They still sell the Xbox’s HD DVD player in their stores and Toshiba’s HD DVD player online.

Posted by on Friday 27 July 2007 04:36 Actually, Target isn’t exclusively Blu-ray. They’ve just decided to promote the format in their stores. They still sell the Xbox’s HD DVD player in their stores and Toshiba’s HD DVD player online.
So this news story is completely wrong then

Not only the information is wrong but also Targe decision of promoting BR makes no sense. Targe is cheap store, providing low priced merchandise and competing more with Walmart than anybody else , so promoting BR format that has on average twice as expensive players as HD-DVD is really not targeting it’s customer base. I wonder how much Sony paid them to make such announcement, because I don’t see their executives being so much out of touch with reality, unless internet sales are killing them. Toshiba’s A2 HD-DVD was the #1 ranking DVD player sales wise for weeks on, beating all players Blue Ray and even cheap Chinese standard DVD players including.

I have noticed that everytime some corporation or store or any other company does something to favor Blu-Ray, it begins to be rejected and disconsidered by many. Why is this happening? Why do you want HD-DVD to always come up in front even if it doesn’t in real life? What has Sony done to you? The attitude amongst CDFreaks users is excessively in favor of HDDVD. HD-DVD is a nice product, but so is Blu-Ray. Competition is normal! I think every would have hailed Target if they decided to exclusively sell HDDVDs, and that doesn’t seem fair and normal to me. Don’t be so desperate because you make HD-DVD look like a sinking ship which needs to be saved, and that isn’t the case. Well done Blu-Ray! Well done HD-DVD!

Target, BJ’s wholesale club, Woolsworth, Blockbuster, Optimum Home Entertainment (owned by Studio Canal), Tartan Video, Funimation, Bandai, Starz, DVD International, BCI, Entertainment In Video, Image Entertainment, Razer Digital… Every one of those has gone from either being HD DVD exclusive to supporting both formats, or has just jumped in straight to being Blu-Ray exclusive (at least to some degree)… and all within the last several weeks. And who can blame them? Blu-Ray outsells HD DVD by 2:1 right now, and they have a significantly stronger lineup of titles coming out for the fourth quarter this year. With so much exclusive content, and superior (and growing) exclusive retail support, I think it’s about time people start looking at the reality of the matter. Consumers chose Blu-Ray, and retail outlets followed suit.
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Actually you guys are wrong about the article being wrong… If you actually read it, you’d know that Target is EXCLUSIVLY backing blu-ray playback boxes in-stores. Xbox 360’s HD DVD add on requires a xbox to use, so its not a hd-dvd set top box.

@ Electrox3d We use the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive at my work and we do NOT have any Xbox 360 game console in the building.

To answer previous question of what Sony did to me, here is the list: 1. Putting virus on it\\\'s music CD\\\'s which would install itself on computers without owners knowledge 2. Putting extra layers of DRM on Blue Ray. for example you can\\\'t play foreign disc in US player. There is no region coding on HD-DVD and no extra protection layers which cause more compatibility problems even with legally owned discs. BR specs keep on changing and some older players won\\\'t work with newly developed features. 3. Corrupting standard DVD discs beyond normal CSS protection, 4. Trying very hard to take over whole industry from making players to making movies, yes, we consumers need some greedy, consumer unfriendly large corporation to have full control of everything entertainment related 5. Do you know that if you wanted to publish BR movie you have to put copy protection and pay huge licensing fees for it? Well, AACS copy protection on HD-DVD is optional and some smaller vendors, expecting low volume sales released discs without any copy protection. How could DRM be mandatory on every disc even if copy holder doesn\\\'t want it, is beyond me. Sheeesh, there is much more but I was hoping Cd-freak member would have better knowledge of what\\\'s going on than that.

The original story ultimately is incorrect. Perhaps the press-release left out a few details.

Every week or so another story comes out that seems to favor BR. Just as reliably, the HD-DVD fanboys come out of the woodwork to tell us it means nothing. Funny stuff.

First widescreen TV’s and now HD-DVD. Europeans are always buying the stuff with the least value that isn’t going to last more than a few years. It is only though exponential magnanimous stupidity that dollars are worth even still less than Euros.

I was merely pointing out the story was factually incorrect. I could care less about Blu-Ray pissing on HD-DVD’s trees or vice-versa…as such, there’s no fan-boy at this end. This debate doesn’t concern me personally.