Target Not Found



Trying to flash a 112D to either the A12 or 112L, tried both and a box pops up target not found, any ideas guys and which one would be the best the A12 or 112L? thanks in advance :confused:


use TDB’S flasher and kernel, the only difference here is the 112L with give you added labelflash support


Still shows target not found?


Okay got it didn’t use the one with the kernal first time, now have 112L 8.06 isn’t there an 8.09 as I didn’t see it on the buffalo page? Gezzzzzzzzzzz ok got it now 8.09 guess I better have another cup of coffee to wake up :eek:


Hello jaminsd, as i told you in the other post, most likely it’s am operating system/drivers problem.

in my (good) case i had no problems at all to flash under normal windows 2000 environment, not safemode.

I run win2000 on a P3 with i815 chipset, dear old goodies…


My problem was I first tried to flash it without the kernel, but I got it all flashed ok in the normal windows mode so it is up to par now, Thanks