Target drops UMD, Sony turns to MemoryStick Duo for movies

I just posted the article Target drops UMD, Sony turns to MemoryStick Duo for movies.

Sony’s Movie Universal Media Discs (for PSP) turning the way of Sony’s Betamax
format in the early 80’s, Target has now decided to do drop the UMD Video disc
format from its…

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OMG, what a ridiculous notion. I can’t even begin. This WILL BE a failure, unless it’s easily cracked to let you rip any or all of your DVD collection. LOL at Sony
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…and Ivid this is where they are going IMO. They waste the disc (it is still pity as it would be very suitable storage device although it is too late now anyway) but they keep the movie format playable on PSP from any memory device. I am almost certain that soon you will see Nero coming up with ad-on letting you put not scrambled DVD movie to you your memory stick with subtitles. I have written once comment that Sony should open up PSP to users. PSP is great piece of hardware with proprietary Sony’s spider net on it. Now they are forced to take ‘opening up’ path as those limitations are limiting the hardware sales too and low hardware market coverage means less legitimate games software sold too. I-pod would be nowhere without open mp3 support.

Well: This memory stikc only makes sense in the first place if you can put every video/dvd on it through some conversion tools… But as they plan to invent it, it is even uselesser than UMDs :slight_smile: But probably other programs will be made to have such features (video to psp-video conversion and dvd to psp-video conversion and put it on memory stick)…

Sony really missed a trick with the PSP and movies. Instead of sticking with unsuitable technology Sony should have built a HDD into the PSP. They could then have developed an internet download service for movies and games (which could have been expanded to the PS3 when launched). This would have been cheaper (because of no disc/shop overheads) and of more use because downloaded games/movies could be watched via a PS3. Sony could have led the way but instead stuck to proprietary technology: memory cards and UMD. Both will now fail and the PSP will be written off as something that could have been great.

I was under the impression that Sony has been considering releasing a re-tooled PSP with either a large flash drive or mini hd? Did they drop that idea?

Might as well drop Blu-ray while they’re at it. Sony does a great job in creating proprietary products which nobody wants.

Sony should pay US for consulting for them ! SONY - dummies - PSP2 - with a 8gb microdrive in place of the dumb UMD drive. Instead of worrying about nonesence - worry about selling PSPs. Your firmwares have all been cracked, and they will continue to be in the future - by people who have more time and smarts then YOU. If you want ME to buy a PSP - give me something in it I want - GPS, a microdrive, firewire - use your brains and stop listening to the other 1/2 of the company (sony/columbia pictures) as they will put you in the poor house !

This only goes to prove that the consumer doesn’t want to double or triple pay for stuff they buy. If they like the movie enough to buy it on DVD, they don’t want to pay FULL PRICE OR MORE just to get the movie in lesser quality with a portable format. A portable DVD player looks far more appealing. not to mention that unlike games, you can watch a movie over and over again.