Target Drive Not Found

Initailly my problem was that while trying to burn DVD using MyDVD. I receive the following error message when burning video created in MyDVD. “Failed to start the image writing operation error while burning disk” More information tabs says “80004003 Error while aborting” The writing progress says that the project is 100% complete, however burn was unsuccessful.

After doing some research, it appears that updating my firmware may help with the problem. I downloaded the appropraite firmware for my NEC DVD+RW ND-6500A from my HP laptop. When I start to run the firmware update I get a message that states “Target NEC ND-6500A is not found correctly.” I click ok on the message and the update closes.

I have tried updating in safe mode. I am at a loss, working on a deadline to complete this project and having problem after problem. Have bought new editing software, new burning software, upgraded ram, started using external hard drive. Started project from scratch after completing it in one program and still nothing has allowed me to have a final project.

Use a better software tool.

I recommend Imgburn! It is free and powerful.