Targa drh-5100X

I purchased the above dvd player and am wanting to back up my VHS tapes onto the HDD, this cannot be done due to copywright protection on the VHS, I believe that that firmware can be loaded onto the dvd player but I don’t no were I can get it for this model, has anyone got any ideas

Looked at service.targa.de, there doesn’t seem to bee a firmware.
Only the dvd player can be made regionfree.

The regionfree hack seems to work for these as per the standard Liteon

Set-up menu - go to exit (do not press)- enter 2960 - select whatever region from the list.

As the Targa has an amended Liteon fw the standard MV hack does not work, the use of an external MV disabling scart or box must be employed.

Apologies for my first post to these forums being a reply to an ancient thread, but I just wanted to offer a modified Targa DRH-5100x firmware which disables MacroVision copy protection without the need for an external box (or special SCART).

The file (with instructions) is available here.

Hope it’s of use to some of you!


I had had a few problems using timeslip with my Panasonic digibox, so I thought this would fix the issue.
I have a feeling that not all channels protect the programs they show. I maybe wrong, I’m sure someone will let me know if I am. Anyway I’m also having a few disc compatability issues.
I’ll try the update again to see if I did something wrong, allthough Blacklaw’s instructions are excellent.
There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of info on this DVD/HDD machine unless you know different.

Thanks for reading.


It’s me again!
I upgraded the firmware with the official firmware from
www.service.targa.co.uk (search for the drh-5100x)
during the same program that gave me the protected error all seems now to be ok. Time will tell!!!