Tapping a drive tray to close the burner

Hi all,

Thanks to the guidance here, I am a proud owner of a beautifully working LG GSA4163B which is smoothly burning some backups as we speak. I’d like to keep it that way (working!), which brings me to my question:

Is tapping or lightly pushing the drive disc tray when it is open to initiate closing, in lieu of pressing the open/close button, considered a big deal either way?

All my past drives I’ve almost universally closed this way, as the position of my tower does not make the buttons too accessible when the drives are open. I’ve had no problems, but wanted to check in with you pros here who probably have a lot more experience with burner lifespans than I would have.

What do you think? Does this tend to wear the drives out faster, or is the open/close mechanism built to more than withstand it? Do other components (like the laser) tend to wear out significantly faster and thus make such concerns irrelevant?

Thanks in advance for any input.


I suppose it puts a little more strain on the drive train for the tray.

A better option is to use software such as this

Or this one, a “zero resource” option that just creates a set of commands to use when required

NB. Not verified either for spyware and other crap, and these are just two examples.

I’ve never heard of a drive failing just because it was closed via the tray. I don’t think you have much to worry about.

When you ask the drive manufacturers about this, those who have an opinion warn against it. Plextor states it will damage your drive over time so they feel the wear is significant.

Of the burners I have had die, 1/2 were due to tray problems. Food for thought.

all i can say is do NOT start doing this on an older drive, especially one that you hadn’t routinely done this to previously - i killed my old dvdrom drive this way

I think I’m smart enough to realize that any device that uses gears/cogs to determine travel, requires alignment.

I’ve seen enough optical drives with tray alignment problems to know that I should not exert any kind of physical force on a properly aligned device. It does not require much force to knock these trays out of alignment.

i only did it a couple times near it’s end of life :slight_smile:
up to that point - i had always used the button, or software

one time too many, i guess :sad:

a guesstimation;
mine was old (like 6 yrs) - and it did require some force to start the travel (more than normal) - so perhaps, those ultra-sensitive ones that only require you ‘blow on them’ to start the travel fare much better - as long as you tap r-e-a-l-l-y lightly

but it’s your call - and i guess the consensus is to not do it at all